Sunday, September 24, 2023

The new neighbors part 5

The day after our lunch at Helen and Andrew's was Sunday, and they invited us to join them for the service at the village's temple. Andrew offered to drive us with his vintage Jaguar. The boys sat in front and us girls sat in the back. With my very short dress, my thighs and bum clad with a petite culotte felt the cool leather of the seat.

The dress I had planned to wear was an inch longer than the one of Helen's and felt already quite short, but Andrew suggested that I change into one of Helen's mini skirt. Jeremy mischievously agreed. I remembered yesterday when Helen had challenged me to roll up my skirt to experience how a "real English mini" feels like.

I modeled the mini dress loaned by Helen. The verdict was explicit. "If you stand perfectly straight, the lowest fading belt stripe decorating your upper thighs won't show, and you are lucky that it wouldn't be proper to be going bare butt to church."

Like Helen I was discreetly tugging down my mini skirt as I entered the church. Sitting was a relief for my modesty, and the wooden bench felt cool. I shouldn't have been too concerned, a few girls from our 'school' were also short-dressed, but we weren't actually dressed shorter than the more daring 6th formers also attending the service.

 After the sermon, Andrew introduced us to a few of their friends. There was a couple our age. His name was Joshua and his spouse was Fiona. Her dress wasn't as short as ours and I saw her eyebrows dancing when a breeze had Helen's dress fluttering. Joshua inquired, "Miss Murray started her classes, and has Helen joined as you had planned?"

Andrew answered. "She did. She will be retaking her A levels."

He also introduced us, and Jeremy added. "Martine will be improving her English, and hopefully take the A levels."

Joshua continued, "Fiona would like to take the nursing school exam. Are Miss Murray and Mr Harrison as good as rumored?"

Andrew teasingly grinned. "She will have a very stingy bottom if she doesn't apply herself."

Fiona suddenly blushed crimson.

Jeremy dotted the i. "When Martine and Helen were caught whispering in class, Miss Murray gave them punishment request forms also known as pink slips. Martine will further explain."

I had to cross the t. "Jeremy had to punish me or I would have been expelled..." I stopped there with an embarrassing blush.

Jeremy wouldn't have it. "Martine, please explain how you were punished."

I blushed the more has I spelled it out. "I was given a twelve strokes of the martinet."

Andrew told Helen to echo my confession, "I was given a bare bum six strokes belting."

Fiona was now blushing as a ripped tomato, but there was a surprising glint in her eyes.

Joshua enthusiastically concluded with, "Monday, you will be registering with Miss Murray. Girls, would you please pick her up on your way?"

We both nodded to agree.

Andrew suggested that we have the carvery buffet at the country club. We further tugged down our dresses because of that naughty breeze. Joshua gave Fiona a good smack to her skirted derriere, and she rubbed with a renewed blush.

As we sat for lunch Joshua mentioned, "I don't have a martinet."

Andrew helpfully mentioned that a folded belt would do well.

Jeremy added, "Actually, the martinet is for teenage girls, a belt is more convincing for girls their age." I fidgeted in my seat as he said that.

Joshua also asked. "What about a school cane?"

Andrew echoed, "That would be quite a punishment, and we don't have one, but they are sold at the general store. I feel that we should let Miss Murray decide when, and if they deserve the cane."

Fiona hissed, "Beasts!"

Joshua frowned and told her. "Impertinent! Go to the ladies' room. Remove your knickers, and when back you will be giving them to me."

She was frozen, and he added, "Now!"

With a blush, she went to the loos with her purse. Two minutes later, she had one hand tugging down her dress as she rejoined us. Joshua questioned, "Where are your knickers?"

"In my purse."

"Give them to me."

She opened her purse and was about to give him her undies under the table.

"Above the table, and with one hand."

Such detailed instructions made me think that they had played that game before.

Her hand gripped her knickers as tightly as possible in a vain attempt to hide the tell tale pink silk. As he pocket them he said, "Now that your naughty bottom is bare under your dress, you can reflect on the spanking you will be receiving when back home."

She blushed as a peony, for sure hoping that the next table hadn't overheard. I again noticed how her eyes were sparkling.

Martine, Helen and Fiona

To be continued...


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