Sunday, January 22, 2023

Prügeldorf part 4

Later, after our busy day, back at our bungalow, Cathy and I again compared the shades of our respective moons, "Oh! You didn't get another martinet whipping, only a classic spanking, good girl!"

"I have improved my grades thanks to doing my homework with you! D for both grammar and math. I would have been spank free with a pair of C."

She teasingly pulled up my skirt, "Whoa! That's a super spanking! What did she use to tan your hide?"

"It was a leather paddle decorated with a smiley, silly sense of humor! She was the coach of the opposing team. I missed the ball and kicked the ankle of her star player. It was an accident, but she was furious and roasted my buns. She's a meanie, most of her girls have bruised butts!"

I again helped Cathy with her homework, and she prepared another one of her mixed salads with walnuts. Before bed we nursed each other's bottoms, our hand strayed. We purred in unison! There's something about going to bed with glowing bums. Cathy moaned in her sleep. I wondered if she was having a naughty dream because I just had one.


Next morning after polite "Good morning Miss!" we exchanged high fives and weighted ourselves under the watchful eyes of our coach. I have lost two more pounds, and I am hopeful to have have shed all my extra weight by the end of the week. Theresa and Julianne have shed their first pounds. It was a good start to the day.


Next we changed into our gym knickers for the morning exercises, and the infamous press-ups, "You should by now be able to follow my rhythm and reach the minimum requirement." I did as most of us. Only Theresa and Julianne didn't. Miss GI Jane encouraged them with the martinet till they did. Then we changed back into our cheerleader dresses.


Theresa with both hands under her skirt rubbing her burning thighs mused, "I'll never be able to tell my colleagues how I have shed my extra pounds !"

Julianne chimed back while also rubbing, "Hahahaha! Same here!"


We now waited for Miss G.I. coach to announce the second part of our physical training. She didn't disappoint us, "We are going to the rowing club. Fall in quietly or..." She paused for suspense, "...I'll give it no second thought to spank you in front of everyone in the street." She again paused before adding,  "... and bare butt!"


We knew that she could spank us in the street, we had all seen a few girls being spanked in public by Discipline Inspectors, but she had never punished any of us outside the gym.


We were lively, chatty, and mostly well behaved till Sarah and I teased each others. As we rounded the next street corner I pulled up her skirt and chanted, "Untanned and untamed, a wild filly!" She tried to grab my skirt, I escaped and stumbled into Miss Coach. With plenty of arm flapping we avoided decorating the sidewalk.


She was furious! She first grabbed my wrist, then my ear, and had me following her towards a street side bench. She sat and pulled me over her lap before letting go of my ear. I felt a cool draft and realized that she had pulled my skirt up, my southern hemisphere felt even cooler when she lowered my knickers to my knees, and my upper cheeks started to glow.


Then I felt before I heard a loud smack, it was fiery, it wasn't her hand, she had started to slipper my exposed derriere. The street had turned quiet, the sound of my very fast slippering echoed. I saw a pair of stocking clad legs right in front of my nose, probably a Discipline Inspector. I felt my ears tickling, I was for sure blushing crimson.

 Miss Coach was roasting my bum, it was fiercely burning. I was struggling to keep my legs together to preserve my girly secrets from the gaze of passersby, but she started smacking my thighs, and I couldn't help pedaling my legs in vain attempts to escape her punishing slipper. I felt as a naughty schoolgirl punished on the spot by her PE coach.




Suddenly she stopped and stood me up. I was sniffling in front of giggling onlookers with my knickers still around my knees. I had my hands up under my skirt rubbing my throbbing bottom and thighs. It was uber embarrassing, and I felt my upper cheeks glowing. 


"Pull up your knickers and adjust your skirt, we don't want to be late at the rowing club!"


"Yes sniff... Miss... sniff..."


At the rowing club we were issued the rowers' uniform of shorts and singlets. Those shorts did a poor job of covering my crimson bum, the rowing girls laughed, "Looks like Miss Cheerleader got her butt tanned!"

I pulled out my tongue at them, and everyone laughed. I also laughed, because one must remember that Prügeldorf means spanking village, and I came here to have my figure trimmed with regular massages.


Our coach had us take three sculling boats of four and we competed, and rowed and rowed some more. We had quite an appetite when it was time for lunch at the cafeteria. We nonetheless had to be careful, we didn't want to regain a pound, and taste our coach's belt.


The afternoon was about practicing of our cheerleading dance show for the Sunday competition. 

Miss Coach was satisfied, and we were eventually released. I hastily rode back to our bungalow.


Justine and Cathy

To be continued...


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