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1965 - part 8

After an eternity in the corner with my hands on my head and a frantic urge to rub my derriere burning from six of the best, Aunt Dotty ordered, "Béa pull up your knickers and help Maggie set the table for dinner."
I was still sniffling when Maggie gave me a cold wet flannel after having set the table with little help from me. I very gently rubbed my bottom with it. That was a relief, but it didn't last. "Sniff, my bum is still burning."
"I'll help after dinner with my Cold Cream, but don't expect a miracle."
The wicker dinning chairs were eyed with fear, and I wriggled from cheek to cheek during the whole dinner. Uncle Ed told me that he has called Sister Jones for me to have extra math lessons. I imagined working some equation on the blackboard with my skirt up and my knickers down to my knees.
As usual after dinner I helped Maggie clear the table and do the dishes. I was desperate for her Cold Cream, and the more so after the wicked wicker dinning chair! She gave me another cold wet flannel, "Slip it inside your knickers." It did help.
We told her parents that we would skip the Addams Family, and hurriedly retreated to our bedrooms. Maggie gave me a rub with her Cold Cream. She was very gentle, but I couldn't help wincing a few times. "It was to be four, and you had to have six!"
"Sigh... you're right! Silly French girl couldn't help jumping and rubbing, but the sting was so fierce."
"You even danced!"
"That stroke across my under curves was the worse."
"That's the cane!"
I giggled, "Your Pop sure has a great aim."
"He had plenty of practice on my bum."
I offered to give her a rub.
"Nah, no need, it was only a hand spanking."
I slept on my tummy, my bottom was no longer burning just smoldering. I kept gently rubbing it while musing, "You're now a real English schoolgirl, you were caned like one." I repeated in French, "Dix-huit ans et fessée à la cane comme une petite anglaise paresseuse."
Next day in front of the tall bathroom mirror I inspected my bottom. It was well striped in red and purple. The stroke across my under curves was quite visible under my knickers. My poor bottom was no longer burning, but it was sore and tender. Maggie was right I was going to feel that punishment for the whole week.
I rode to school high above the saddle. With my sore bum the leather saddle wasn't too inviting. Riding high above the saddle meant riding faster, and I was ahead of the pack with Mary-Ann, Lucinda and Susanna. I knew that they also had poor report cards, and were obviously well punished as they were also trying to avoid the saddles of their bikes.
Mary-Ann told. "The old man was furious, two bad report cards in a row. I got eight strokes!"
Lucinda replied, "I got only six, but they were the best I ever 
Mary-Ann questioned, "Yoh Béa, did your French butt taste an English cane ?"
I confessed, "I was to get four, but I got six."
Lucinda gently teased, "You must have danced quite a jig to earn two extra strokes!"
 After classes Susanna asked, "Eddy's your boyfriend, right ?"
I nodded with a proud smile as to me he is the best looking boy.
"Bring him behind the bike shed, we are going to have a fashion show."
Before I could ask whats what Mary-Anne naughtily chimed, "Its a school tradition!"
Eddy must have known about that "fashion show" as he had quite a smile.
At the appointed time, Lucinda, Mary, Maggie and their boyfriends, as well as Susanna and one more girl with their beaus were waiting behind the bike shed
Mary-Ann, Lucinda and another girl raised their kilts to show their boyfriends their white Mark and Spencer knickers barely covering the stripes decorating their bottoms. I saw that Mary had received quite a caning.
They all teased me, "Raise your skirt for Eddy naughty girl!"
"Raise it!"
"Up with your skirt!"
Another girl added, "If you don't we'll help and take your knickers down!"
I must have blushed crimson as I heard that, but I was still hesitant.
They kept chanting, "Raise your skirt naughty girl!"
"Come on Frenchy, skirt up!"
"Don't tell us that you haven't showed your knickers to Eddy!"
With my ears tickling from a deep blush I slowly raised my kilt. They clapped their hands while chanting, "Higher! Higher and Higher!"
I eventually fully exposed my own white Mark and Spencer knickers, and knew that my lower strokes weren't covered.

They all applauded, "Not bad for a first!"
Eddy had grinned for the show, and pulled my skirt down before giving me a gentle kiss, without grabbing my tender bum.
Béatrice and Maggie

To be continued...

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