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1965 - part 9

A few months later Sister Jones took us to the Science Museum in London. We took the train from Colchester and rode one of those red double deck London bus. I beamed as we climbed to the upper deck for a better view of the monuments. The museum was huge, we were allowed to have a break for a snack. We had bangers in a bun from a street vendor while Sister Jones sat at the terrace of a coffee shop.
We heard some chanting and saw a group of uniformed schoolgirls with a cardboard sign reading, "No to the cane". 
 We joined them and enthusiastically chanted with them. Two of them were older and wearing tights, we envied them. They were also smoking. I refused when they offered me one. I remembered the belting Uncle Ed had given me. We marched and chanted till a squad of bobbies ran after us. A few of us were cornered. We were loaded into a paddy wagon and taken to the Police Station.
The sergeant scolded us, "No to the cane. What impudence! If you were my daughters you would get six of the best, the very best, on your bare bums!"
Sister Jones eventually collected us. We were each fined £40. On board the train back to Colchester she wrote pink slips for all of us. "Maggie and Béatrice were arrested by the Police with a group of disorderly schoolgirls protesting the cane. I specifically recommend a severe canning!"
We demurely gave our pink slips and the fines to Aunt Dotty. Needless to say that she wasn't too happy, "Take your knickers off, drop them on the coffee table beside your pink slips and fines, and stand in your corners holding your skirts up. Then reflect on what will happen when father comes back !"
"Honey I am home..."
He stopped in his tracks as he saw us. "What have our angels done this time?"
"They were arrested for street protesting, and fined £40 each."
"On the coffee table you will find their pink slips and fines."
"What were you protesting against?"
We both stammered, "Huh..."
Aunt Dotty answered for us. "They were with a group of schoolgirls protesting the cane with a cardboard sign reading, 'No to the cane'"
"Is that so?"
He repeated his question and we again pitifully stammered, "Huh..."
"Keep your skirts up and bend over the back of the sofa."
"Honey would you please help me."
We saw Aunt Dotty with two canes. She gave one to Uncle Ed.
They swished their canes through the air as they took turn lecturing us.
"Street protesting isn't for well behaved schoolgirls!"
"As for the cane in this house, it will be applied to your bare bottoms for as long as it is required !"
"We are going to give you both six good reasons to protest."
"As for your fines, you will be paying them out of your pocket money."
We heard a hissing sound. I didn't have time to shiver. A THWACK! followed and I felt a stripe of fire blazing across my nates. OUCH! I was about to jump, rub and dance, and earn myself an extra stroke, but Maggie grabbed one of my hands, and kept me into position kneeling on the sofa. I felt her hand tightening on mine as she took her first stroke with an "AH!"
Swish and THWACK! My second stroke sizzled and grew into a fiercely burning cut, "Aie! Aie! OUCH!" Maggie pulled harder on my hand. I wriggled my bottom and it didn't help. I felt my eyes watering, and again my English sister's hand tighten as she took her second stroke with, "OH! ARGH!
Swish and THWACK! My third stroke bite my bum with fangs of fire, "AIE! AIE! OUCH! OUCH! Sniff... Sniff..." I knew I was shamefully exposing my furry apricot, but I couldn't help it. Maggie's hand pulled on mine as she cried out for her third. "OH! AH! ARGH! Sniff..."
 We got six of the very best and after the last one I didn't bother closing my legs. "Sniff... Sniff..." My butt felt scorched. I was well punished. Maggie was also sniffling.
"Stand up, hold your skirts up, and don't you dare rub!"
Aunt Dotty was still fuming, "We should have gated them!"
I didn't know what it meant, but I saw Maggie blanching.
Uncle Ed spared us, "Honey, I feel they have been well punished."
Aunt Dotty had another look at our teary eyes and mellowed, "You're right."
She rolled up the back of our skirts and secured them into place with our big kilt pins before telling us, "Set the table with three more plates for my sister, her husband, our vicar, and their daughter Adriana.
We hadn't had an opportunity to rub our throbbing bums. The cool breeze from having my skirt rolled up in the back didn't help much. I must have been blushing as red as my rear cheeks as I watched Maggie's well decorated bottom. I knew that I was similarly exposing my punished derriere.
I quickly asked about Adriana.
Maggie was to the point, "She's an uppity goody two shoes!"
"How old is she?"
"About a year older than us."
"She is going to see that we were." The last word remained stuck.
"She will for sure have an eyeful, both actually!"
Then the doorbell chimed! Aunt Dotty's relatives had arrived! I was sure that Maggie wanted to hide under the table, and I was ready to follow her. Aunt Dotty thwarted that idea, "Maggie and Béa please welcome our guests!"
"Mum, please!"
Maggie's last plea was answered with, "Now or I'll gate your bottoms!"
Béatrice and Maggie

To be continued...

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