Sunday, October 22, 2023

Camp Rosy Cheeks part 1

July 1st with a sunny cloudless sky. The scenic hilly region of the lakes. A postcard like railway station seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but actually between a market town and a two small villages. The 4 PM two cars diesel train delivered a dozen girls in their late teens or early twenties. They were obviously unrelated, yet they were quite chatty. They had an hour since the regional station to realize that they have a common destination, and got to know each other.

"You've volunteered!"

"Have you missed the part about, "...corporal punishment!?"

"I haven't, and I also didn't miss the promises of character building and self discipline."

Another girl gave her high five, "I have also volunteered, and I am not afraid of a spanking."

If they had done a head count they would have realized that 43 % of them have volunteered.

I eventually had to answer THE question, "I have flunked my A-levels, and my parents won't pay for another year if I don't learn some self discipline."

"Same here. Mum registered me, she said, "If your father won't give you the belting you richly deserve I know of a Girl Scout Discipline Camp!"

A few minutes later they were sitting on the poorly padded benches of a military truck driven by an athletic lady wearing a scout uniform. The truck soon left the road, and after a bumpy track it stopped by a clearing with a small lake, and a campsite.

Three additional G.I. Jane like ladies also wearing scouts uniforms were waiting for them. The older one spoke, "Welcome to Camp Rosy Cheeks girls! I am the Chieftain, you will address me as Chief, my colleagues are to be addressed as Mistress. Line up with your backpacks in front of you."

She walked down the line. Suddenly she was in front of me. "Name and age!"

"Clarissa, nineteen, Ma'am."



She had just smacked my left cheek as if I was a ten year old! I blushed.

"I remember having told all of you to address me as Chief!"

"Sorry Chief!"

"Why are you here?"

"Mum registered me..."



She had again smacked my left cheek! It was now smarting. I was about to add Chief, but she was faster!

She barked, "Mum registered me, Chief!"

I demurely repeated, "Mum registered me, Chief."

"Why did she do that?"

"I flunked my A-levels, Chief."

After having similarly interrogated each of us and slapped quite a few cheeks  our bags were thoroughly searched for ciggies and booze. I didn't have any, I had carefully read the brochure!

Next we were given a tour of the campsite. We discovered large walk in individual tents for the staff, and a canopy covered kitchen and pantry with butane fridge and cooker. The dinning area was also protected by a canopy and offered long wooden tables with benches. Our Chieftain and the Mistresses had a table of their own, with comfortable chairs!

On our dinning table we eyed pairs of bikini like blue gym knickers, neatly folded yellow monogrammed T.shirts, sports bras, and ankle socks. Sports shoes were also available for those who needed them.

"Strip and change into your uniform!" We all blushed, and were more than hesitant. Surely she didn't mean right there in front of everyone. She clapped her hands, "Strip! Now!"

She did! We had a blushing competition as we stripped. To my greater embarrassment I had to again bare myself, the knickers I had chosen were too big. I had vainly hoped for more coverage, "Sigh..." 

 We were also told to take two additional kits, before being were showed a mountain of green canvas bags, rolled foam mattresses, and sleeping bags. "Chose a partner, take a green bag, mattresses and sleeping bags, and erect your tents."

I turned to Anna, the girl who was registered by her mum because her dad wouldn't belt her. Our tent wasn't the last one to be erected. It was the one of Sarah and Belinda, and they had quite a surprise. Two burly Mistresses grabbed them under their arms, and smacked their thighs till crimson.

One of them protested, "Not fair! We've never erected a tent before."

She was told that, "Life isn't fair!" And her knickers were yanked down for a super bare ass spanking which had her pedaling her legs, and showing everything.

Then they rubbed their bums before being told to peel potatoes.

 Dinner was mashed potatoes with sausages, and it was plentiful. We sat around a campfire roasting marshmallows while listening to a history program on a big radio.

"Tomorrow evening two of you will sum up that history program, and they will do their best of they will sleep on their tummies!"

Then we were told to go to bed as early as if schoolgirls. We didn't argue, the thighs of Sarah were still very red, and Belinda was carefully sitting on a rolled blanket.

Clarissa and co

To be continued...


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