Thursday, June 24, 2021

Curiosity part 7 and epilogue

On the way back to our dorm room, Cheryl wanted to apologize, "I am sorry you were also punished, sniff, it was all my fault, sniff, I am the one who cheated, you shouldn't have been punished."

"Nah! I wanted to help you, and that made me your accomplice, it was my own doing, no need to apologize."

"No hard feeling?"

"None !"

"Thanks Sista!"

I returned her high five with a big smile.

While waiting for Monica and Lucinda we cooled our throbbing derrieres and thighs with wet flannels.

"Oh that feels great!"

Our roommates had heard of our misadventures and they made a detour by the cafeteria to bring us blueberry scones. It was such a lovely thought, we warmly hugged them. After our post spanking treatment they helped us stitch the stars onto all our knickers. We slept on our tummies that night. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to type my report.

Next morning after the PE exercises and run, Miss Supervisor collected our white newbie socks and we were issued regular grey ones. It was a relief. It meant that we would no longer be under newbie scrutiny, and over a supervisor's knees with our skirts up and knickers down to be spanked for every misdemeanors.

Next was the pre-breakfast uniform inspection. With the cane having adorned our thighs right under our skirt's hemlines we were red faced even before being ordered to raise them. It was first in front to show our newly stitched stars. Then we had to show how we were punished, and the inspecting supervisor commented, "This is what to expect if cheating." We were still blushing as we loaded our breakfast trays...

Classes went well, and I eventually found time to discreetly type my report.

Alex, the Head of the Special Investigations Department of The Manchester Courier congratulated me for my caning! I was told to return home. I texted Pop asking him to send a message explaining that I am to be transferred.

Next morning Miss Supervisor announced, "Priscilla dear, your father is transferring you to Saint Excruciata in Cornwall."


"He explained that he has signed a three year contract in Exeter."


I didn't want to abruptly leave Cheryl, Lucinda and Monica, I attended the morning exercises and run. When back I changed into the schoolgirl clothes Mom had bought me, and we had breakfast together. I promised to send them a huge Cornish cake. We hugged, we waved, they went in class and my taxi was waiting.

The taxi driver called me, 'Young Missy', and I said, 'Thank you Sir' as he dropped me in front of the Edinburgh airport terminal.

As I was pocketing my ID card I dropped my boarding card. I hurriedly picked it up, behind me I overheard a junior schoolboy tell his brother, "Yoh bro! That girl was caned, she has strokes across her thighs, she must have been very naughty!"

The airline attendant had overheard and her eyebrows just about left her forehead. I blushed a schoolgirl.

Eric was home, he was still wearing his Navy uniform. He immediately noticed my schoolgirl uniform and theatrically dropped on his knees, "There is a God ! He has given me a schoolgirl, a real live one!" I turned around to lock the door, "Oh! She has been naughty, she was caned across her thighs." I slowly dropped my bag and gave him an eyeful.

"I didn't know that you have a schoolgirl fetish!?"

"I am a normal red blooded boy, I have always dreamed of spanking a schoolgirl!"

"No spankings tonight! I am still sore from that caning."

"Come sit on my knees and tell me everything."

"I am now a Special Investigation reporter, I got a 40% pay raise, executive badge giving me access to my own parking spot, and the top floor cafeteria and fitness room, etc."

"I was undercover as a 6th former at Burntwood College."

"That's one of the more severe boarding schools for girls!"

"I was caught helping a friend cheat, and was caned as her accomplice."

He was playing with my skirt, and noticed the red star stitched in front of my knickers, "What's that?"

"For each caning you get to stitch one of those onto all your knickers, and you get an additional stroke per star when again punished."

"And for hand spankings?"

"A dozen additional smacks!"

He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. "I have been at sea for 3 weeks. I am going to lick your cane welts. I am going to..."

We had a great weekend!

Monday morning early, with a longer skirt than usual, I walked into the most exclusive bakery of Manchester. "Good morning! According to your window you have a shop in Exeter."

"Indeed, how may I help you?"

"I would like your shop in Exeter to send a huge Cornish cake to Burntwood College. The names are Cheryl, Lucinda and Monica, and the card should say, "From Prissy with love, and there's no white socks at Saint Excruciata!"

Later at the Manchester Courier Alex lead me to the office of the CEO. They were both very nice, but I felt that they wanted to see the evidence. I wasn't prepared to raise my skirt for them! I suggested visiting the company nurse. "I have to renew my DTaP shot..." They both smiled. A switch was pushed, "Please tell the nurse to immediately attend to Miss Priscilla."

Five minutes later the nurse told me to raise my skirt and lower my knickers before laying on my side on the examination table. She said, "Whoa!" when she saw my bum. She didn't have time to say more, the phone rang. I knew it was the CEO.

She was embarrassed as she asked if she could count the stripes. I encouraged her. Three minutes later she was back on the phone, "It was a very severe caning Sir, I counted 7 or 8 strokes." Then I got my DTaP shot, 'Ouch!'

Later that day I triumphantly walked into the Mini dealership, "I would like to buy a Cooper S, white with red trimmings!

Four years later Cheryl applied for a job at the Manchester Courier, and she was discreetly helped...


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