Sunday, October 29, 2023

Camp Rosy Cheeks part 2

We were sleeping like babies. Actually this baby was sleeping like a naughty girl dreaming of a boy exploring her mounts and valleys. From the other side of the tent came moans of pleasure. Obviously the second baby was also having naughty dreams...


"Taratata! Taratata! Taratata!"


A bugle sounded reveille. Our imaginary boyfriends disappeared!


From outside the tent came the booming voice of our Chieftain. It wasn't about 'Good morning girls and lovely day to you!' It was, "Rise and shine!" and, "Hurry up!" Plus a menacing, "Slackers will be punished!"


We hastily dressed, pulled our monogrammed T.shirts over our sports bras, vainly tried to adjust our gym knickers, rolled up our sleeping bags, and laced up our trainers. Finally we ran to join the line up. We weren't the last pair Mariana and Johanna were.


The Chieftain and one of her Misses pulled them over their knees, and with one hand tugged their gym knickers up into their rear valleys while holding both their wrists in the their back. Then they spanked with the other hand. It was long and severe smackings of their bums and thighs. Some of us counted one hundred smacks, and others counted a hundred and twenty. 


When they were back on their feet they were red face and sniffling. Their first move was to shamefully rub their fire engine bums before adjusting their gym knickers. They were also told that they would be cleaning the breakfast dishes.


Then the Chieftain called. "Those who are here for having failed an exam are to step forward to be punished." She had said that with having a couple of switches whistling through the air. I had stepped forward, and shivered although it was already quite warm.


"I am going to teach you all a lesson!" I again tried to improve the covering of my gym bikini, it was futile.


"Step forward Clarissa, and turn around to face your comrades. Pull your knickers down to your knees, and keep your hands there." I blushed more and more as I slowly pulled my knickers down my legs. When I had finally exposed my apricot I knew that I was blushing to my ears as I felt them tickling.

The first two strokes on top of my derriere obviously didn't cut the skin, but they felt as if they had ! She methodically worked down my bottom. I could distinctly feel each of the first strokes, but soon my whole derriere was on fire.




She continued with whipping my thighs. That was even worst, and I wriggled my blazing derriere as a well punished schoolgirl, but I didn't dare letting go of my knees.




I was finally allowed to stand up. I no longer cared about what I was showing. I had never been switched before. Actually I had never received more than a few hand spankings from Mum. I very gently rubbed my intensely burning bum and thighs.


"Sniff... Sniff... Sniff..."


 When my parents registered me for Camp Rosy Cheeks I knew that I would be severely punished. I had slacked for a year, and had admitted that I deserve to be punished, but didn't expect to be switched bare ass in front of everyone.

When told, I gingerly pulled up my knickers and returned in the line up. Then Anna was called upfront and punished. A few minutes later, two more who had also failed some exams were called up.


Next were the morning exercises. After duck walking, legs up pedaling, we had to do press-ups. We had to do at least a dozen, and were told that we would be doing two dozens by the end of the month. Those who failed to reach the prescribed twelve were sharply encouraged. With my still fiercely burning derriere and thighs I did my press-ups without being encouraged!


Showers followed. They didn't offer any privacy. It didn't matter for Anna and me, we had already showed everything we have. We had the choice between cold and very cold water! There was very little singing under the showers beside "Oh! Ah!" and "Ouch!" When cold water tickled our switched bums!


Breakfast was next, and we had to prepare it. One pair peeled the potatoes, another pair fried them with bacon and eggs. One more pair prepared a giant fruit salad. Finally there was the dish washing chore reserved for the morning slackers.


Miss Chieftain announced, "We are going shopping at the farmers market, line up to be given a skirt...." We lined up looking forward to the outing. The skirts were brown and A-line, with a matching leather belt. They were shortish without being miniskirts.


The skirts handed to those who were punished for exam failure were shorter. They were as short as the shortest minis. I blushed crimson as I understood that everyone at the market will see my decorated thighs.


One of the Mistresses chimed. "You don't have to wear them !" We didn't have to ask if we could remain at the campsite. "And you are not to remain behind !"

Clarissa and co

To be continued...


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Saturday, October 28, 2023

A spanking for poor grades...


You are invited to role-play with us ! 


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