Sunday, April 24, 2022

On the farm part 2

Next morning Agnes gave me Epsom salt for a long soak. I knew that it was silly question, but couldn't help asking it. "How does it feels when you've had six of the best?"
"You're very careful when sitting..."
She also offered a lovely flowery dress, similar to hers. I played with it in front of my tall mirror, and giggled "Whoa! Its almost short! You're sure Aunty won't cane me?"
 She made sure with measuring it. "Its ok, its two inches something above your knees. It will keep your bum cool!"
Breakfast was a feast with eggs and bacon. Then Uncle Tobias recruited us and we donned aprons to protect our dresses. Agnes showed me how to collect the eggs, feed the chicken, the rabbits, the goats. I was relieved that she milked the goats. It was kinda yucky. She saw my face and laughed, "You're such a city girl!"
On the other hand I found interesting how she prepared the milk to make cheese. "I love goat cheese!"
More yucky was milking the cows, but Uncle Tobias' farmhands dealt with that. I breathed a sigh of relief, and was again teased as a concrete cowgirl.
Then we took the cows and horses out to their pastures. When it was time for lunch I was invited to sit on a ball of hay, and hurriedly jumped back on my feet. "Ouch!"
The farmhands laughed, "City chick's having a tender booty!"
Agnes folded an old blanket for me to sit on, I thanked her and although blushing I pulled my tongue out for the teasing farmhands. Lunch was homemade bread with yummy goat cheese. We were also given a large mug of beer!
Then it was back to work with returning the cows for milking, and taking the horses back to their stalls. Agnes offered to teach me how to ride, and I purposely rubbed my bum. She laughed, and got a thick sheepskin to add atop my saddle.
We changed into jodhpurs and boots. I did well, and was quite proud when she said that I am a natural. After that riding lesson we helped the stable hands groomed the horses. I told her that I like horses better than cows, and she laughed.
We had showers in the tack room and changed back into our flowery dresses. With a blush she whispered, "May I fetch Alfred?" I didn't have time for more than a smile, she was already gone.
She was away for no more than a few minutes and she came back with a thick blanket and Alfred, my muff driller. She led the way to a barn with plenty of hay. I asked if she had got some lotion. She raised both eyebrows! "Well you're going to have to lick it..." This time she blushed, and I teased. "Don't forget to take your knickers down!"
 Wheeze... Wheeeze... wheeeeze....
She purred, and I teased, "Think of Jeremiah!"
Wheeeeeze... Wheeeeeeze...
"Oh! Yes... yes... yessss"
Wheeeeeze... Wheeeeeeze...
"Oh! Whoa... o... o... a... ahhhhh"
Wheeeeeze... Whee!
Uncle Tobias was towering above us. We hadn't heard him coming. He had pulled his belt out. Agnes had already tasted a couple of strokes. "Both of you take your knickers right off and hold your legs up with your hands behind your knees."
It was an horrible position, but I didn't have time to dwell on it. He belted us in turn. He alternated between our bums and upper thighs. "Who's contraption is it?"
Agnes let out a few more "Oh! Ah! OUCH!" but she didn't tell.
I admitted, "Its mine Sir." I got a few more strokes. "Oh! OUCH! OUCH!" We were sniffling when he concluded with. "You are both going to report to Martha, and give her that thing."
He disappeared, and we rubbed and rubbed some more before gingerly pulling up our knickers. On the way back to the house we tried not to rub our throbbing bums and kept our dresses as far down as possible because of the farmhands, but they must have heard it all. We overheard comments such as, "The young ladies got their butts well warmed up!"
Aunt Martha took the picture of our red faces, red eyes and discreet rubbing of our bums. "What have you two been up to ?"
I gave her Alfred.
Although he looks quite innocent with its bunny ears she frowned, "Is that what I think it is?"
We kept our heads down, and she added for me. "I suppose that you brought this with you, and I don't think your mother knows about it?" I blushed and remained silent.
"Naughty girl .... and I am guessing that Agnes wanted to try it .... and Uncle Tobias caught you with your knickers down?"
We had a blushing competition, and she wasn't impressed. "Turn around raise your dresses and lower your knickers."
"Hummm .... a good belting. I'll spare you my cane. Agnes in your corner, and Elizabeth that corner over there will be yours. Keep those dresses up!"
On the way to our corners with our knickers between our knees and holding our dresses up we saw that she had left Alfred in view of everyone on the dining table.
Elizabeth and Agnes
To be continued...
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