Saturday, February 13, 2021

Girl Guides part 6

Ten long minutes later we were called out of our corners. We pulled our skirts down to cover our still incandescent derrieres. We politely asked, "May we please have our knickers back..." After a nod from Sister Maria we climbed on the sisters' dining room platform, and grabbed our knickers.

We didn't put them back on as we followed Dorothy and Camilla to our mini chalet for a royal after spanking treatment. They also enthusiastically cheered us, "Those pranks were awesome, and you took them spankings so bravely !"

For the reminder of the day we played beach volleyball and swam, and the cool lake water felt great. We didn't care that our bikinis showed our well roasted bums. Cécile was again told that her bikini should be plain Girl Guide blue or else !

Then it was Sunday with morning service followed by barbecue lunch at the boys' campsite. A number of girls had their thighs slapped for having rolled up their skirts. One even got a bare bottom spanking for having forgot her bra. We had advised our roommates, "Boys love to be teased ! They are even shyer with girls who have it all on show..."

Their campsite was on the other side of the lake. Our school bus couldn't take all of us, one of the boys' masters came with their school bus. Although it's a Scottish boy scouts camp with all the boys wearing kilts, he was wearing pants. Cécile advised our roomies, "Boys will try to catch a glimpse of your knickers, and you should also play that game with trying to see the color of their shorts !"

I added, "And its a legend that boys wear nothing under their kilts !"

The boys we had met in the train were waiting for us and they gave us chaste pecks on the cheeks. We assembled in front of a stage with all the sisters and counselors. We sat on tree trunks and stumps. I winced and Harry noticed that, "Still tender ?"

I raised both eyebrows as if asking, "What exactly were you told ?"

"Rumors have been around that you and Cécile have pranked the sisters and were copiously spanked with wooden hairbrushes..."

"And ?!"

"Spanked on your bare bottoms in front of everyone in the dinning room .... and had to stand in the corner with your glowing bums on show ..."

I blushed...

"And none of you cried or rubbed !"

I smiled.

We got a sermon from the boys' Head Counselor about procrastination and Jeremy got the message with extending a hand to caress one of my knees. I didn't protest, I even allowed my skirt to wiggle down to offer a better view of my thighs. 

Sister Maria lead the singing. "How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand ?"

Then it was the barbecue lunch, Jeremy was lucky not to have drawn a specific chore. He only had to entertain me. He did that very well ! I got carrot and celery sticks dipped into tarama, sausages rolled into bacon, l amb chops and a gentle pat on my bottom.

Then I overheard a couple of goody two shoes, "Look at that brazen bizom ! She's flashing that boy !" I hurriedly closed my legs and adjusted my skirt. Jeremy had a wide grin, he had had an eyeful...

I tried to turn my head around as I was pulled up by an ear as a little girl. I heard Sister Ursulina. "Come along nicely or I'll pull you through the camp by the ear !" I obediently followed her to the office of a camp counselor. She sat and pulled me over her knees, "I am going to teach you not to show your knickers to the boys..."

Five minutes later, still blushing, and refraining from tell tale rubbing of my fiery bum I did my best to act as if nothing had happened. I could hear some giggling and comments, "I'll bet that she won't be showing her knickers to that boy for some time !" I now knew that some had heard the resounding spanking I got.

Jeremy was very nice and gave me a hug with my back against a friendly tree and away from prying eyes. His hands were on my bottom between the tree and me. He gently rubbed my skirt over my throbbing derriere. His tongue played with mine for the none too chaste kiss that followed. One of his knees gently opened my legs, and it was so Oh! Ah! Hot!

Later Cécile teased, "Did you wet your knickers ?"

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued...


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