Saturday, December 12, 2020

Aunt Roberta part 3

A week later we had that feared spelling-bee quiz. Miss Jones announced, "No mistake for an A+, one mistake for an A, two mistakes for a B+, three mistakes for a B, four mistakes for a C+, five mistakes for a C, six mistakes and you get an F to be signed by your parents !"
She continued with adding, "Some of those words are either correctly or incorrectly spelled, you are to correct them if need be..."
1/ Aberation
2/ Abscess
3/ Baciferous
4/ Colloquy
5/ Catarh
6/ Demitasse
7/ Denoument
8/ Furlough
9/ Gerund
10/ Hemorhage
11/ Hipoppotamus
12/ Hootenany
13/ Logorhea
14/ Melifluous
15/ Opprobrious
16/ Paraffin
17/ Racoon
18/ Supercillious
19/ Termagent
20/ Urceolate
(If you are game grab a pen and paper and apply yourself ! Remember that you will be punished for your mistakes according to the bellow mentioned system of penalties...)
There was 20 words and I had seven mistakes. I was given back my work with a big red F and the dreaded mention, "To be signed by parents and returned for the next lesson..."
While having lunch at the cafeteria with Harriet, I sighed. "Mum will be sending me back to Aunt Roberta, and on my last visit she promised the belt..." I blushed as I added, "She also said, on the bare..."
Back home Mum was furious, "I will tell Miss Roberta to roast your bottom !"
Two days later I knocked on Aunt Roberta's door with butterflies in my tummy. She greeted me with a resounding, "Lilly, another F, naughty girl !" I blushed as a tomato hoping that no one from the mini market across the street heard her comments...
As I entered I saw in the corridor that girl from the post office. She didn't look too happy ! She was facing the wall with her skirt up and knickers down. Her bum was decorated with vivid red and purple stripes. I could count them, there was four, and aunt Roberta echoed, "Nancy got her first caning. I was lenient, only four strokes..."
She was released from her corner time and hurriedly pulled up her knickers and adjusted her skirt before disappearing with a punished girl's blush.
The door was closed and I faced Aunt Roberta. "What did I promised if you returned with another F ?"
I demurely answered with my ears tickling as I blushed, "The belt... Ma'am..."
"And ?"
"On my bare bottom, Ma'am..."
"Exactly ! Take your knickers off !"
The butterflies in my tummy did somersaults as I shyly pulled my knickers down. I was careful not to expose myself as I lowered them, but that was quite silly considering what followed,
She told me to bend down over her desk. I felt my skirt riding up and up ! Worse was to come as she flipped it up. I felt a cold draft. I knew that I was exposing my bare bottom and more...
"Seven mistakes in that spelling-bee test, it means fourteen strokes..." She vigorously belted my bum and it was burning, and I frantically wriggled it in vain attempts to cool it. Right after the first stroke across my upper thighs I pleaded, "Please Ma'am don't, it will show in gym..."
She didn't listen and another stroke landed across my thighs. “Oh please Ma’am, please no more”, I cried out with tears flowing down my cheeks. "You won't be the first girl in your school to have received a belting !" She continued and I danced from foot to foot. It was the first time that I was given the belt and my bum and thighs were fiercely throbbing...
Later I was still sniffling when I reached Harriet's house. "Sniff... she gave me the belt... sniff... she belted my thighs.... sniff.... it will show in gym... sniff..." Harriet tried to be as gentle as she could when rubbing soothing cream, but I couldn't help a few ohs and ouch...
Harriet waited till we shared our fav chocolate sherries to announce. "Mom told me that aunt Roberta now offers private math tuition and she registered me, and added that your Mum also registered you..."
A couple of days later was gym. As I feared my shorts couldn't hide the fact that I was punished. I was red face as a few nasty girls chanted, "Lilly got the belt! Lilly got the belt! Lilly at 18 got the belt as a junior !"
Lilly, Harriet and Nancy
To be continued...
Correct spelling will be posted tomorrow in comments...

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