Sunday, August 13, 2023

American Lafayette girl visiting France part 4

 At our dance lesson, while changing into our leotards Blandine noticed our decorated thighs, and she teased Mary-Anne with good humor. "Whoa! La fessée au martinet, you are having a real French education !" Then we had a great lesson. The sight of our still reddened bums reflected by the tall mirrors was inspiring. We did our best, and Miss Russian-Spy didn't give us another switching. Phew!

Back home for dinner, we didn't break any plates, we were very well behaved. Maman for me, and Aunty Berenice for Mary-Anne mused, "Nothing works better with girls than red legs with a miniskirt..."

Two days later our bottoms and thighs had mostly recovered their peachy color, and our boyfriends were almost disappointed. We returned to the grassy riverbank where they had attempted to explore our thighs while they were decorated.

With more sweet talk and breath taking kisses they were again exploring. First one hand caressing our knees and the other one tickling our titties through our tempting front closing bras. Then as we returned their kisses they teased, "There's a big spider climbing up your thighs..." I giggled, "Oh! Whoa! Its a gigantic one !" We felt our skirts riding up, we didn't frenetically pulled them down. The spiders pulled the elastic legs of our knickers and continued to explore with soft caresses sending electric waves through our bodies. We also felt another adventurous spider liberating our boobies...

When we recovered our breath we had lost our knickers, the boys pocketed their first trophies. We asked to have them back, but their tongues danced in our mouths, and we realized that they would show them to their friends. The thought of their friends knowing that they removed our knickers, and kept them was exciting. They hadn't claimed more, they were gentlemen. It was our first big adventure. We closed our bras and blouses with rosy cheeks. We felt quite daring to be bare under our minis...

A few minutes later while our bare bottoms discovered the leather seats of my small Renault SUV. At the other end of the parking lot, and out of sight for us, a red Alfa Romeo Spider skidded to a stop and a blond furry jumped out. She marched onto our boyfriends, "Give them back ! Now!" They were quite surprised. "We haven't taken anything from you !" She returned to her car and came back armed with a golf club. "I took pictures, public indecency ! Give me back my girls' knickers !" They gave them back.

On the way back home we were overtaken by a red comet, and we weren't bothered. When we dropped our satchels on the dining room table, Maman came out of the kitchen and sternly ordered, "Lift your skirts, both of you !" We demurely lifted them a few inches. She took two steps and yanked them up till revealing our tufts.

"Where are your knickers ?" We of course couldn't answer, and blushed as red as tomatoes. She pulled them out of her handbag. We immediately said that we hadn't done *it* !" She fired back, "What you did or didn't do at your age isn't anyone's concern, but public indecency is ! Take your skirts off !" We understood that our carrots were cooked, over cooked, and that she would be roasting our already well bared butts.

She opened a folded newspaper. We discovered the implement of our chastisement, dozens of hastily cleaned green switches, some of them still had a few small leaves, "I'll show you how indecent girls were punished in my days, side by side with hands on the sofa."

She took a hand full, and it was a fast whipping. Those switches were light and they broke, she took another handful and continued to whip our bums and thighs. She didn't count the strokes, she was a furious mother whipping her naughty daughters. We danced and sang, "Aie! Aie! Aie! Aie!"

Later we were standing in the corners of the dining room. We were thankful that she hadn't told us to keep our hands on top of our heads. We were rubbing our still incandescent butts and thighs when Papa came back from work. He raised both eyebrows at the sight. She told him, "I spotted them bare bottom with their boyfriends on the riverbank by the University. Public indecency, they could have been arrested. They gave their knickers to them boys, I got them back..."

He noticed the broken twigs, "An old fashioned switching... brings back memories..." Maman blushed... She announced, "I am sending the pics to the boys' parents, they deserve the cane..." Then Papa blushed..."

He also queried, "Are you telling Mary-Anne's parents ?"

"Nope, she said the she hasn't done *it* and I trust her. Therefore its only another naughtiness for which she was well chastised."

We were allowed to wear wide PJ shorts for dinner...

Mary-Anne and Marie-Jeanne

Co-written with Jayent

To be continued...


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