Sunday, March 13, 2022

Pom pom part 4

Before our first college day Lilla got her own car. It was a carbon copy of her sister's car, another second hand 4 door Jeep convertible, so they wouldn't be jealous! We both widely grinned when they told us that we could drive them. Uncle Amias reminded us, "Its the switch on your bare bottom and corner time for speeding tickets!" We nodded, and remembered our arrival with Belinda in the corner exposing a well decorated bum.
For our first college day there was no paddle smacking ceremony for the privilege of wearing the uniform, but we were assembled in the grand hall for a speech about discipline. "... last and not least we believe in the old fashioned application of the paddle!"
We were very well behaved girls, and didn't speed when driving! We also worked hard to reach the 70% monthly average to avoid the belt from our cheerleading coach.
A few weeks later the end of the month was approaching and a number of teachers tested us with super quizzes. Our adopting sisters helped us with American history and English grammar, in turn we helped them with French. With a mother being the head of the college's French department they had to be up to par!
Madame Durand the French teacher had called Belinda to the blackboard for French conjugation. Our sister was struggling with the passé simple, which isn't simple, even for most French.
I took the opportunity that Mrs Durand was behind me while pacing the classroom to whisper the answer for Belinda. Unfortunately for me she had the ears of a French beagle, and she grabbed my ear, and led me to the Principal's office. To be led by the ear as a ten year old was very embarrassing, but everyone was in class.
All I could see of his study was a gigantic old wooden paddle above the fireplace's mantle. It looked bigger than the one of the Stars' cheer team.
The Principal wasn't happy, to say the least, "Cheating is a very serious offense!"
"But... but... it was only one answer!"
I hastily added, "Sir!"
"Its the principle that counts!"
He saw how I was mesmerized by the old paddle, "We no longer use it. Its too bruising, we couldn't give more than three licks with it..."
I breathed a sigh of relief till he picked up a much smaller paddle from under a book on his desk. "We now use that one, up to ten smacks without too much bruising, and guarantied to give a naughty girl a fiery bottom!"
I felt butterflies in my tummy.
"Its ten wacks for cheating, skipping school and other major offenses."
"Oh please Sir."
He raised his hand to interrupt my pleading, "Since it is your first offense and it wasn't a major fraud, you will get only six. raise your skirt, lower your panties onto your knees and grab them..."
I wasn't too enthusiastic, "Huh... On the bare?!"
"Do it now or I'll be adding two more!"
I started blushing as I raised my skirt. I felt a hot flush as I lowered my knickers. I grabbed my knees and was utterly ashamed to be sticking out my bare bottom for my new Principal to punish me as a silly schoolgirl.
"OH! AH!"
With only one wack my bum immediately felt on fire ! Both my hands flew to rub it.
"That's enough rubbing, back into position!"
With two more licks my butt was intensely burning. With both my hands having grabbed it I did the dance of the punished naughty girl.
"Back into position!"
I willed myself to again stick out my bare nates.
"OH! OUiiiCH!"
Four wacks and my eyes were watering, and I rubbed and rubbed and danced and danced.
"Haven't you been properly punished in France? Back into position!"
"AH! OUiiiiCH!"
Five wacks and I again let go of my knees...
I got my six smacks and my derriere was incandescent, I sniffled, and rubbed and danced....
"Pull up your knickers, and adjust your skirt. I want your loco parentis family to know that you were punished. Return this Punishment Notification signed by them."
The class was over, it was time for lunch at the cafeteria. I was red face and tried to rub as discreetly as possible. I felt that everyone could see my glowing bum through my skirt. As I tried to pull it down further, I heard teasing comments, "That Frenchy was spanked!"
"In French they call it 'la fessée' !"
"Was it 'cul nu' Mademoiselle?"
Belinda marched on the first teasing boy and slapped him. He grabbed her hand and was about to twist her arm, but he immediately had to let go. The whole cheerleading team had rushed to the rescue with a number of boys from the football team
I told Loulou, "I was given a super fessée with a paddle, ouch!"
There was no need to translate, they were all real nice. They got one of the softer chairs and a tray with my favs.
"It wasn't real cheating..."
"And my derriere is burning!"
Belinda gave me a hug.
Babette and Loulou
To be continued...

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