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Farm Life continued with The Gym, part 4

Josh was again late from work. I turned off the telly and ran to give him an enthusiastic hug as soon as he crossed the door. He gave me a breathtaking kiss. I was dancing on tiptoes. He also grabbed and clawed my bum with both hands. I whimpered with a grimace. He added two and two. He isn't an engineer for nothing. "You were spanked at the gym?" I blushed and lied. "It was only a small spanking!"

With both hands on my shoulders, he twirled me on the spot before raising my miniskirt. "Naughty liar, that wasn't a little spanking! Who gave it to you?"

"The soccer coach."

"What did you do?"

"I kinda dribbled down one of the opposing team defenders."

"How rude! That must have been a penalty, and you were spanked for it."


"Well deserved! Was it a bare bottom spanking?"


"Don't lie!"

Head down with my little girl voice, I whispered. "Yes."

"Hans told me that he gives a martinet whipping to Ingrid when she's spanked on the bare at the gym. It is an excellent rule, we are adopting it. Bring me the martinet."

I took the martinet from the peg behind the kitchen door and gave it to him with quite a blush.

"Take off your skirt and knickers, and bend over the dining room table."


I obeyed and stuck out my butt with a strange mixture of feelings.

I got twelve strokes, and my bum danced under the leather thongs. I stopped bawling when I felt his caressing hands before being deeply shagged. It was glorious and so juicy!

I prepared dinner with nothing more than a short white maid's apron, and it earned me a special after dinner dessert. Then Josh snored in front of the telly.

Next day, Ingrid raised my skirt by surprise, and laughed. "You got a martinet whipping!"

I blushed with a nod.

"Were you also shagged?"


"Bent other the dining room table?"



"It was scrumptious!"

She laughed. We both laughed.

A few weeks later, the boys came to watch our game against the team of a neighboring village. We won, and we had a big picnic at our gym.

One of the new girls, Maria from Spain, asked about our red trimmed shorts. I had noticed her eyeing the faded martinet stripes across my thighs for having lied to Josh. Ingrid whispered. "Nothing like a pair of red nates to wake up the devil into a lazy hubby!"

 A week later, we were entertaining Ingrid and Hans for lunch. She gave me a big box while announcing that we were going back to school for advanced French lessons. Josh had a big smile as he said that I am already registered. I pouted.

Ingrid dragged me into their bedroom. "You have to try your school uniform!"

With raised eyebrows, I chimed. "We have to wear a uniform?!"

"We don't, but I got us matching school like outfits."


"The boys will love them!"


I opened the box and smiled. I changed, and she also donned her outfit. We looked like sisters. I giggled. "What happened if we have poor grades?"

"We get shagged!"


"Deep shagging!"

"Ah! No spanking?"

She laughed. "We get spanked and shagged!"

I laughed, and we rejoined the boys in the lounge.

 With his sternest voice, Josh warned. "You better pull up your socks, young lady! I will keep a close look at your report card!"

Hans echoed. "It will be the martinet for any grade below average!"

Then we sat on their knees. Josh soon had a hand under my mini, and I teased him with my best schoolgirl giggling act.

Debbie and Josh

The end, for now...


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