Sunday, April 10, 2022

Pom-pom part 8/8

During our cheer leading practice, Jack my American boyfriend saw, as the whole football team, that Belinda and I were punished. A cheerleader's skirt doesn't hide much when one has received a good belting for poor grades.
As soon as we were all let out, the boys flocked around the girls. Jack gave me a breathtaking kiss with both his hands grabbing my still tender bum. I wanted to tell him to be gentle, but my tongue was busy and I couldn't say more than "Hummph..."
When he had to catch his breath, and allowed me to breath, as well. I pounded his chest with my fists, "Big brute!"
He pulled out a small jar of cream with a wide smile, "Now that we have been acquainted may I rub it?"
I laughed, and he took that for a yes. He gave me another super kiss without clawing my bum this time. When we had to come up for fresh air, he whispered. "I have a big car..."
It was indeed a big old American car with a sofa like rear seat. He was very gentle, but boys will be boys. "No! You're not taking down my knickers nor my panties, whatever you call them!"
When back home Belinda reminded me, "With such report cards we best stand in the corner, skirt up and panties down!"
Aunty Angelina approved, "Belinda and Babette, my two naughty girls! F in French. I see that Miss Jane did a good job with her belt. You are spared my switch!"
We pulled our knickers up, adjusted our skirts and ran upstairs to join our sisters and good girls Lilla and Loulou.
A few weeks later it was the Nationals at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. We flew. Americans fly as Europeans take trains, but their domestic flights are so so. I was at Euro Disney near Paris when I was a little girl and it was great fun. Disney Resort at Orlando was something else! It was giga mega huge.
Miss G.I. Jane got rooms at the Walt Disney World Dolphin. It was quite a treat! A superb hotel with several swimming pools, and a minibus reserved for us. We weren't the only team staying there, and we had booked a private gym as we didn't want to reveal our surprise for the competition. Two of the Cowboys Cheerleaders had traveled with us to help our coach.
The first day of the competition kinda knocked the wind out of us. "Whoa! Some of them are really very very good!"
We regained confidence when our coach told us that our secret weapon was delivered at the competition's venue.
When we revealed and erected our balance beam one judge objected that it could be dangerous, other judges argued that the same could be said of  pyramids. They eventually decided to vote and our balance beam was approved by an overwhelming majority of judges.
After our new pyramid and French cancan line dancing. Belinda and Veronica walked on hands while doing splits on the beam. Loulou and I did forward and backward cartwheels on the beam. Abigail and Lilla did French cancan dancing on our beam. We were applauded and cheered. We got nines and eights from all the judges except the one who had objected to our balance beam. We couldn't win with his poor grade, but we made second !
I would remember that day all my life... I was looking forward to welcoming Belinda and Lilla in France...
Babette and Loulou

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