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Marie-Chantal in Germany, part 3

Next morning, Eva and Emma caught me with my nightie up, and bare bottom, in front of the tall standing mirror of our landing. I was carefully inspecting my derriere. I was surprised; it was as good as new, but my thighs seemed rosier. I got my first German spanking, and it wasn't as bad as Mrs. McTavish's wooden hairbrush.
They teased. "Schlüpfer with pink little flowers!" I had learned a new German word, schlüpfer means knickers. To be more precise, it means knickers for little girls. In French, one would say petite culotte. The kind of knickers you don't want to show a boy when you are over seventeen as Emma, or nineteen as Eva, and the more so when twenty as me.
They added, "On Sunday morning we wear a dress for service at the Temple."
Eva opened her wardrobe and pulled out a dress for me. I just about lost my eyebrows when I saw that pink dress with puff sleeves. They laughed at my mimics, and Eva said, "Maybe you prefer a yellow one!"
"Huh! No thanks! I'll take it."
 A few minutes later, I was down in the kitchen with my new sisters. Aunty Bertha was all smiles for her 'little' girls. As we had cleared breakfast, I was told. "Raise your dress Marie-Chantal. I want to make sure that you are wearing proper knickers!"
I blushed and was hesitant. She grabbed the front of my dress and yanked it up. I felt a hot flush as my white knickers with small pink flowers were exposed for everyone and Uncle Manfred. She said. "Gut gemacht Mädel." (well done, my girl) Emma and Eva gave me teasing smirks as I adjusted my dress.
Uncle reminded us that he doesn't want to be late for the service. The temple wasn't far, and we walked. Emma teased. "Are you going to show your pretty knickers to Hans?"
I shyly giggled.
The temple was very austere, nothing like our churches. The plain wooden benches were as bad as the straw chairs of the Scottish church. A few old ladies had brought a cushion. At first, I was embarrassed to be wearing a girly dress, but I soon noticed that quite a few girls were wearing similar dresses. Glances were exchanged with our boyfriends. They were wearing crisp white shirts and traditional jackets trimmed with green satin. I figured that such dressing up must be a local Sunday tradition.
After the service, it was a picnic in the temple's garden. Every family had brought zillions of tupperwares, which were put in common for a superb buffet. I was introduced by my sisters as the French au pair, and made welcome.
Herr Schubert was respectfully saluted by everyone. Eva said that Papa was also the first deputy mayor of the village. Our boyfriends had joined us when Miss Wichtigtuer strolled by to chime for Tata Bertha. "I now see that I was confused by their breads. It wasn't Emma who showed her knickers to the whole village. It was your French girl. Hopefully you have chastised the right girl."
I blushed so red that my ears tickled. Aunty didn't add to my embarrassment as she only said, "Guten Tag Frau Wichtigtuer." Eva, Emma and the boys had funny grimaces behind the back of that busybody. I giggled as I recovered my natural color. Uncle Manfred must have seen them, but he said nothing.
Later, there was a small band playing the Beatles in the gazebo of the nearby park. Hans invited me to rock n' roll on the lush lawn. A few times I tugged my dress down, and he laughed. "Hahaha! So you were actually spanked!" I playfully wanted to smack one of his cheeks, but he caught my hand, and gave me a kiss. I didn't object!
Back home, before dinner, I prepared my backpack for school on Monday. I was relieved not to have to wear a uniform.
After dinner, we had remained around the dining room table. Uncle Manfred told me. "When in Paris, with your father, we discussed how best to help you become bilingual with German, and prepare for your French business school.
Contrary to the British A-levels, you will have a choice of majors with the Abitur. You will choose economy and accounting. Both Emma and Eva will help you with those subjects, as it is also their choices, and you will help them with French and English. You will also have German literature classes, and to build your German accent, you will join the school's theater group."
Obviously, I had no say in the matter, and objecting would for sure bring another fiery bare bottom spanking. I carefully asked, "Will I have to continue with math and science subjects?"
"Your math program will be adapted for economy, accounting and statistics. Science subjects will be only about the basics."
He also sternly added, "Finally, you and Eva will be closely monitored to ensure that you graduate with honors. If you don't perform as required, your bottoms will be smarting!"
Marie-Chantal and co
To be continued...

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