Sunday, January 7, 2024

Alicia and the magic ring part 11

I was released from my corner time, and told to pick up my skirt and knickers. Still bare fiery bum on show I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. First I had a long soak to sooth the sting. Second I had a look in the tall mirror, there was no doubt that I was well punished.

 Back in my room the mean little voice sternly ordered. "Redo that accounting homework, now!" I sat on a wet towel, and worked. Accounting principles were the same in the 70s and the present, the only difference was writing with a pen instead of a keyboard.

Next morning my bum felt itchy instead of sore. Grandma/Mom called from bellow. "Alicia! We are going to the market with Marge and Lucinda. Remember that you are to wear your shortest miniskirt!"
I had two very short minis from my time as a 6th former. I hadn't dare wearing them since attending college. I first modeled the straight one because the other one was pleated, and I was afraid it might be blown up by a gust of wind. I adjusted it, and had a look in the tall mirror. "Argh!" Two thin switch stripes clearly showed on the back of my left thigh.
 I tried the pleated one, and it barely covered these crimson telltale stripes. I sighed, what about the wind? I opened my window, and couldn't feel any wind. That was reassuring, but I again sighed, what if Grandma/Mom remembers that it isn't my shortest?
"Alicia! Hurry up! I don't want to be late!"
I obviously didn't have time to try another mini! I ran downstairs, and was relieved that my not so short mini didn't raise any objection. As I sat in the car, I could feel with the cold moleskin that it was still quite short.
We met Lucinda and her mother at the covered part of the market. Her miniskirt was as short as mine or maybe one centimeter shorter. I whispered. "If we don't breath we won't show that we were punished as little girls!"
I felt my mini rubbing my thighs, and it reignited the itching caused by my switching. The four switches methodically applied to my bum and upper thighs had meant multiple itchy flea bites. The woolly skirt seemed to reawaken each of them. I was quite self conscious of that miniskirt barely covering the evidence of my punishment.
I again whispered. "My thighs are again on fire from the rubbing of my skirt!"
She whispered back. "Samo! They did a great job!"
The lady of our Moms' favorite fruit and vegetable stall complimented them. "You both must be so proud to have your girls attending college!"
"We are!"
"And the more so when they have good grades."
"The belt always brings out the best out of my Bettina."
"We've tried switching with four switches."
Lulu's mom added. "On the bare."
"Yes, bare ass works best for big girls."
We both had a blushing competition, and were quite relieved to move on, while offering to take the heavy fruit and vegetable baskets from our moms.
As we walked by the stall of the truculent fishmonger we heard. "Two very well switched girls!"
We hurriedly tugged down our skirts with our free hands. We hadn't realized that carrying those veggie and fruit basket would cause our skirts to rise and expose the evidence of our punishment.
The loud mouth added for his daughter. "Have a good look at the thighs of those two girls, because the next time you help yourself in the cash register it will be a switching!"
We both blushed as the peonies of the flower stand, and hurried outside the covered market. The mean little voice echoed. "Everyone saw that although no longer a schoolgirl, you were punished as a lazy one. It serves you right!"
It was going to be a long weekend!
After lunch I wouldn't have minded burying my blushing cheeks in my books, but the bell of the front door chimed and Grandma/Mom told me to get it. It was Brian with his father's car, he wanted us to go to the old drive-in cinema. I had little doubt about his intentions, and actually didn't mind! The modicum privacy of the big car was reassuring.
 We didn't see much of the movie, but he made good on his promise to lick it  and almost made it all go away. I temporarily lost my knickers!
To be continued....

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