Saturday, December 26, 2020

Aunt Roberta part 5

After that lesson Nancy invited us to a nearby French coffee shop for tea and chocolate eclairs. We carefully smoothed our short skirts before sitting, we didn't want to show our reddened thighs. We also sat gingerly with winks for each other.
"Ouch indeed !"
"Is Miss Roberta really your aunt ?"
"Yes, she is my Aunty on my mother's side."
"Do you live with her ?"
"Yes, my parents had to move to Birmingham for Pop's job."
"Since you're working couldn't you have a flat of your own ?"
"With my post office salary I couldn't afford more than a basement, and there's no social housing for singles..."
"And I want to save for driving lessons, and Aunty cooks, and does the laundry..."
"How's working at the post office ?"
"It would be fine if I no longer stood behind the counter... People are rude and mean..."
"Couldn't you ask for another position ?"
"I am at the bottom of the ladder without my A-level, it means the counter."
"The other day, why were you in the corner after having received a caning ?"
"You girls are so curious !"
We mischievously smiled...
"I got an F at the adult college, and it wasn't the first one...."
"The cane, that must have been fierce !"
"It sure was, I will for sure do my best to avoid another F !"
"Why aren't you wearing jeans since you're no longer in school...?"
"Aunty told me that she will have me wear a short school skirt like you guys if she caught me wearing trollop jeans..."
A week later Miss Roberta had us rework our latest math lessons on the blackboard. She was very good, I finally understood what I had missed in class. The fact that she raised my skirt and slapped my thighs might have helped. Who knows ? Mum is convinced that it did !
Back at our desks she gave us puzzle like math exercises :
Exercise 1

Exercize 2
"No calculator and you have 3 minutes... It will be 5 smacks with the belt for a failed exercise and 12 if you fail both. On the bare in front of your classmates !"
(If you are game grab a pen and paper, and apply yourself ! Remember that you will be punished for your failure according to the above mentioned system of penalties...)
I smiled, it was easy. I was done before the buzzer. I enthusiastically raised my hand !
Miss Roberta didn't read the answers out loud. She wrote a large red F in front of each of my exercises. I blanched.
"Haste make waste, Lilly ! Full moon in front of the class, skirt up, knickers down, step on the small stool and grab the seat of that chair..."
It was very embarrassing to be so exposed. I felt my ears tickling I knew that I was blushing crimson...
"Oh! Ah!"
"Oh! Ah!"
I couldn't do the naughty girl's dance to try to cool my bum with standing on that little stool.
"Oh! Argh!"
"Oh! Argh!"
She worked down my bum and thighs, and I feared that the last two might show under my skirt...
"Oh! Ah!"
I was sniffling and again blushing to my ears as I bowed to pull up my knickers.
I adjusted my skirt and rubbed my fiery butt and thighs as I returned to my desk.
I sat gingerly and studied the solutions Miss Roberta had given me. She was right, haste makes waste. I felt quite silly, and squirmed left and right on my chair.
Later at the coffee shop Harriet told Nancy and I to pull ours skirt down, and giggled. We questioned, "Whats so funny ?"'
"You both had a blushing contest !"
Lilly, Harriet and Nancy
To be continued...
(The solutions are posted in Commants...)

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