Sunday, June 6, 2021

Curiosity part 2

The Registrar processed me with a smile, the smile of a prison door. Then she escorted me to the Uniform Store, and I followed with my suitcase on wheels. A matron with a seamstress measuring tape welcomed me with, "Good afternoon young lady, please take off everything above the waist!" 

I was kinda surprised, "Huh!"

"If I have to repeat myself it will be a spanking on your very bare bottom!"


I wondered if the CEO of the Manchester Courier would give me a bonus for a spanking. I hurriedly took off my blazer and blouse.

"And your bra!"

I blushed and took off my bra. She measured me, and the tape felt cold. She disappeared between the shelves. I was joined by a girl which had to be a 6th former as I am supposed to be. I covered my titties and blushed the more. She came back with half a dozen bras. They were well covering and white without a trace of lace. She gave me one to try, and once I had it on she tugged it back and forth and let it snapped back. "Ouch!"

She unfolded a huge plastic bag and dropped five bras in there. Next was trying a white blouse, and five of those followed the bras. I was also given three school ties. I was thankful that Pop had reminded me how to do a proper knot. Two navy blazer with the school's crest followed. Then she ordered, "Please take off your skirt and knickers."

I took my skirt off and she repeated, "And the knickers!"

"Huh! Bu... bu... but!" 

I didn't have time to mention the presence of the other girl, she grabbed me by an ear and had me bending over her knees in a perfect and for sure well practiced movement. "What did I tell you about repeating myself?" She yanked my knickers down, and this undercover reporter got a bare bottom schoolgirl spanking in front of her future chum. 

I had forgot about the numerous spankings I got, but soon remembered. She had the callous hands of a gardener and she also smacked my thighs. I pedaled my legs and probably showed everything I have. Then she stood me up and I felt my ears tickling. I knew that I was blushing as red as a tomato. My hands flew to my throbbing bottom, and I danced on the spot.

Six pairs of white girlish knickers were dropped into my bag. I carefully pulled up my knickers and she handed me a tartan kilted skirt which was about the same length as my usual minis. I felt the hem brushing my throbbing thighs.

Then she mentioned, "Newbies are to wear white socks for two weeks." I pulled up my white knee high socks and she added six pairs into my bag. T-bar shoes followed and for a grand finale it was a boater with a ribbon in the school's colors. With the bag for my uniform and my suitcase I was told to wait for a supervisor to collect the newbies, my future chum wasn't spanked, she had learned.

The supervisor led us to our dorm. We discovered a big room with four beds, four desks and four cupboards. We understood that we would be sharing with two more girls. "Unpack, make your bed, and I will come back in one hour to inspect your cupboards and etc."

I introduced myself, "I am Priscilla."

She replied with a smile, "I am Cheryl, that was quite a spanking she gave you."

"I am still feeling it!"

We helped each other for making our beds. An hour later Miss Supervisor was back, "Your beds look good." She first inspected my new chum's cupboard, "Its a mess! Knickers, socks and bras shouldn't be mixed. She grabbed one of the chairs, none too gently twisted her left arm behind her back while bending her over her knees. She pulled her skirt up, yanked her knickers down, and spanked her bottom and thighs till they were crimson.

I was next, "You should have folded your bras, socks and knickers." She grabbed my wrist and a second later I was butt naked across her knees and again severely spanked.

Ten minutes later we were still on our bed rubbing our glowing nates and thighs. Two girls entered the room, they weren't wearing white socks. They laughed, "That one was spanked once."

"And this one got two spankings."

"She must be a naughty girl!"

We rolled over, and sat on our beds with dark frowns.

They again laughed, "Hold your horses! We are your roomies, I am Monica."

"And I am Lucinda, welcome to Burntbutts!"

I laughed, "Burntbutts, that's a good one! I am Priscilla, and am not a naughty girl, but you're right, I got two spankings!"

"And I am Cheryl, the good girl who got only one spanking."

I added, "They have callous hands!"

A bell rang, "Dinner bell?"

We had jumped on our feet. Our roommates smiled. The food is great and there's plenty. Don't run or."

We chimed, "Or skirt up, knickers down, and spanked!"

They echoed, "On the spot in front of everyone there."

We demonstrated our wide vocabulary with, "Oh!" and "Ah!"


To be continued...

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