Saturday, January 30, 2021

Girl Guides part 4

That evening our little chalet was over crowed. Everyone had brought sweets and chanted, "Come on Frenchy tell us about boys !"
"As I was saying, boys are as shy as you..."
Cécile repeated, "They are shyer !"
"They have to take the first step, and they have clumsy lines. If you don't like the boy, laugh for his silly lines that will be the end of him. If you like him, just say "That's so cute...""
Camilla asked, "What if he I like him and he tells me such a lame line as, "It is a lovely evening...""
"Tell him, "Sunsets are so romantic" If you really like him add, "With a friend...""
Cécile added, "If you want to bag him, "Sunsets are so romantic with you !""
"Next he should have his arm over your shoulders, and you close your eyes and pucker up !"
Dorothy had another question, "What if he doesn't have his arm around my shoulders, and only offers another lame line such as, "You're right, it is a lovely sunset..."
"Then take his hand and bring it onto your left tittie while saying my heart feels romantic..."
Cécile giggled, "And close your eyes and pucker up !"
There was plenty of naughty dreams that night...
Next morning Camilla and Dorothy had me again draw a ball from the bag for our day's chore. They were obviously hoping that I would again draw the shopping ball. I drew a yellow ball, and the unveiling of the blackboard revealed that we are to clean the big house.
We had all the chairs of the dining room upside down on the tables and mopped the floor. We continued with the kitchen, the pantry, the storeroom and library. Then Camilla and Dorothy got the big vacuum cleaner for the carpet of the offices, and we went up to the floor with the rooms of the sisters. 

It was an opportunity not to be missed and we were very creative. For Sister Maria it was wasabi flavored toothpaste. Sister Agatha got wee wee improved shampoo. For Sister Josephina it was dead flies buried into her face cream, and Sister Ursulina's mouthwash was mixed with liquid soap. Cécile was the voice of reason, "Brigitte ! Don't add too much soap, we don't want her to choke !" I added water, and even tasted it to be sure. "Yuck!"
Our chores done it was time for lunch, and later we took the swimming test for canoeing. First it was jumping fully clothed from the pontoon and disrobing in the water. Sister Maria warned, "If you grab the pontoon you will be disqualified."
I took a deep breath and underwater I took my shoes off. Then I surfaced and threw them onto the pontoon. Next were my blouse and skirt. Everyone thought I was ready to swim till the buoy, but I had a surprise. I threw my bra and knickers on the pontoon. Sister Maria bellowed something I didn't hear, I was already swimming towards the buoy.
I swam back and Sister Maria was waiting. She didn't hand me a towel ! She pulled me over her knees and dried my naked bum with a flurry of smacks. I stomped my feet when I didn't pedaled my legs and was soon all dried up. I again didn't rub my fiery booty as I am still competing with Cécile for the title of naughtiest girl guide. Then I was allowed to get dressed, and officially listed as allowed to take a canoe out on the lake. All the newly approved canoeists tried not to giggled when told that the campsite of the boys on the other side of the lake is off limits.
 Later when in bed, Cécile and I told Camilla and Dorothy how we have pranked the bathrooms of the sisters. "Pity that we can't see the face of Sister Maria when she'll be brushing her teeth with wasabi spiced toothpaste !"
Cécile and Brigitte
To be continued...