Monday, November 27, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 5 - Grabbed by the ear and spanked!

I regularly take off the magic ring, and return to my own time for answering private emails, but these days I mostly live in the 70's as Alicia, as an eighteen year old schoolgirl. While in the 70s my "other me" lives in the present. I guessed that I'll never be able to explain that schism.
Studying in the 70s offers a few advantages. The profs take their time explaining the lessons, and actually make sure that we understand them. They also don't mind correcting numerous homework and regular quizzes. It was a time when they were still passionate about their job.
There's also the strict classroom discipline which ensures a studious environment. You have to raise your hand and wait till given permission to speak. Then you stand before speaking. If repeatably whispering with your classmates, or passing around candy and notes, you are reported to the Deputy Principal, and she gives you a sore bum.
The profs also inform your parents when they are not satisfied with your work. That's how I got my first belting, and boy was Grandma/Mom severe! She even decorated my thighs for me to feel the shame of everyone seeing that I was punished. For a few days, I sure didn't enjoy the boy teasing miniskirt fashion of the 70s!
So far so good, it had taken only one punishment for me to apply myself and improve my grades. I also have to admit that I never had such good grades when I was spanking free in the present. With such a program, I felt confident to be able to resit my A levels when returning to the present, and to be promoted. Thank you, magic ring!
All was peachy, I even have a boyfriend. He said that I am a great kisser. He asked who taught me. I told him that it was my older sister, and burst out laughing. He was quite surprise, and I couldn't explain that my sister is actually my Mom in the 70s.
Then there was that day when I couldn't help acting like a silly teenage girl. I had sassed Mom/Grandma while she was having tea with a neighbor in the garden. She grabbed me by an ear. I had to follow my ear till she had me bent over her knees with my skirt raised and knickers lowered. Then she spanked me with a big wooden hairbrush. 
  The whole neighborhood heard me bawling and probably saw everything I have while I pedaled my legs like a well spanked naughty girl. Once she was done, my bum was incandescent, and I was red face. I hastily raised my knickers and adjusted my skirt while sniffling and apologizing.
That was my second lesson. I learned that spankings aren't only about bad grades. Eighteen-year-old girls are not to sass their elders. Worse was learning that Grandma/Mom wouldn't hesitate to publicly raise my skirt and lower my knickers before spanking me.
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 A few days later I discovered that one of my classmates was a crafty cheat. She had made a crib, and meant to give it to her best friend. As I was between them, I was asked to pass it on. I of course couldn't refuse, it would have been against schoolgirl honor.
Mr Masterton had been silently patrolling the classroom, and I hadn't noticed that he was right behind me when I was about to pass that crib. He swiftly grabbed my hand. "Caught you red handed Alicia!"
He had me go to the Deputy Principal with my quiz and the crib. She wasn't too happy, but she listened when I told her that I was not a cheat. She studied both my quiz and the crib. "I agree, Alicia. You are not a cheat. Your answers are much better that those of that crib. Please explain."
I had to tell that I was only a go between. I was, of course, asked who had given it to me, and to whom I was to give it. I obviously refused to tattle.
"Schoolgirl honor, I understand. You have nonetheless disrupted an important quiz, and will be punished for that, but you will first sit at that desk and finish your excellent quiz."
Phew! It was real nice of her. A failing grade for that quiz would have been catastrophic for my monthly average.
Once I was done she corrected my quiz and gave me a great 16/20.
"We now have another score to settle, young lady...."
To be continued...
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