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Summer homework part 3

We had spent the morning visiting Quimper, and had fish and frites at a street side café with a view of the harbor. Jacques watched the girls, and we watched the boys. Béa teased him with saying that he should only watch her. We were back home when it became too hot, and Jacques announced our first lessons.
To address our weaknesses, he gave a math and sciences exercise books for Béa, and I got a grammar and history ones. We noticed that he had us starting with the 11th lesson of our exercise books. He explained that the first ten lessons aren't challenging enough.
It was tougher than I expected, the grammar was about the differences between the different forms of the present, past, and future. History was about Napoleon and the continental blockade.
Jacques corrected our exercise book with a red pen, and frowned eyebrows. Béa got 11/20 for sciences and 7/20 for math. I had 12/20 for grammar and zero for history.
Béa laughed. "These parents didn't mention a punishment for a zero!"
Jacques teased. "For grades under 8/20 her father mentioned the belt!"
We both blushed, and Jacques further teased. "You should both be punished for such poor grades!"
We didn't answer, and I felt a glow.
"No pool this afternoon, and you will copy the correct answers 100 times!"
Béa protested. "It will take the whole afternoon!"
I nodded to agree with her.
Jacques chimed; "You would never forget those answers..."
Béa interrupted him with a strange brazen smile. "I prefer a spanking, it will be soon over, and I'll cool my bum in the pool, and don't worry, I'll also learn these stupid rules!"
"Very well, it will be a spanking for you, and a severe one!"
She gulped, blushed and nodded.
He then turned to me with a strange smile. "Chloé, what will it be?"
Béa added. "Cloclo! Don't you chicken out!"
I wouldn't be called a chicken by my best friend. I felt a hot flush. I had no doubt that I was deeply blushing. I stammered. "A... a... span... a spanking."
He then sat onto one of the dinning room chairs before calling Béa to stand in front of him, and ordered. "Hands above your head!" She obeyed, and he unbuttoned her skirt. It puddled around her feet revealing her pink lacy knickers. He lowered them till they joined her skirt. Next he had her lower her hands, and helped her over his knees.
He started to spank her. She teased him. "Don't enjoy it too much!"
"I will be sure to enjoy it, and roast your bum!"
He spanked her long and hard. He also smacked her upper thighs. She started squirming and moaning. He continued. She shamelessly pedaled her legs. I saw everything she has. I was embarrassed for her.
I was surprised that she hadn't complained or protested, and eventually understood how she must have felt that the punishment was well deserved, and decided to courageously take it. Jacques continued that vigorous spanking. Her bum had turned a glowing scarlet, and she started singing as a well punished schoolgirl.
He helped her up, and both her hands flew to rub her crimson derriere.
"I didn't allow you to rub!"
He pulled her back over his knees, and spanked her some more! She sang even louder than before.
He again helped her up. Her bottom and upper thighs were rubicund. She was well punished, and the same was awaiting me.
"And you better learn the 'stupid' rules!"
"Yes... Sir... sniff... I am sorry."
"Hands above your head, and back against that wall to be facing us."
She was head down as I stood in front of her hubby. I had my hands above my head as he pushed my skirt till it dropped onto the floor. To be standing in front of my best friend's hubby with skimpy underwear was embarrassing, but to have my knickers dropped around my ankles and expose my muff was worse. I shamefully blushed knowing that I can't seduce him, and that he is going to punish me like a lazy school girl.
Soon I was more concerned with the fiery spanking I was given. He also smacked my thighs, and I hadn't imagined that a spanking could be so intense. I couldn't help pedaling my legs, and for sure showed everything to Béa, and Jacques. He continued, and I sang the same song as her.
When he pulled me up, I refrained from rubbing my blazing butt, I didn't wan't an encore. Shamefully bare from my navel, I had to stand next to Bea.
Later we were allowed to recover our knickers and skirts. Having dressed I saw that Béa's reddened thighs peeked under her mini.
Jacques hadn't missed that, and announced. "'Chloé, from now on you will wear miniskirts as short as those of Béa."
With a teasing grin he added. "As short as when you were a schoolgirl teasing the boys!"
I pitifully said. "Huh! bu... but..."
Béa giggled. "Don't forget that Adrien is arriving tomorrow!"
Jacques sternly warned. "Or it will be twenty smacks for your thighs..."
He didn't have to say more. "Oh! Ah! Yes, skirts as short as those of Béa, Sir."
He announced. "Tomorrow morning we are going to the market, and I'll buy a martinet."
We both echoed. "Ah! Oh!"
Later, while having tea, Béa confessed that it was her first spanking. I mentioned that it was also my first. Jacques asked. "How was it?"
"Very encouraging. I for sure will learn these rules by heart."
I wriggled on my chair as I concurred. "Very very convincing!"
"Very well, for grades between 12 and 10 its a spanking, between 10 and 8 the martinet, and my belt for grades bellow 8. Agreed?"
We shyly replied in unison. "Huh... ye... yes Sir."
I had to ask. "Do we have to wear miniskirts for the market tomorrow morning?"
"Yes, and remember that yours should be as short as the one of Béa, and..."
He teasingly mused. "Hum... pleated skirts would be nice!"
I stammered. "B... bu.. but!"
"Remember the mother of that young lady telling her, '...with your cheeky bikinis, shorts and miniskirts, everyone will see when you are punished for poor work...'"
I probably blushed as red as my well spanked derriere.
Jacques mentioned. "You should tie your hair in pigtails or bunches to avoid showing your real age."
Chloé and Béa
To be continued...
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