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Echo part 1

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 Echo part 1

 It is one of those elegant turn of the century apartment buildings with a small courtyard and a tall carriage door. Lounges and dining rooms over look a quiet street lined with old trees, consistent of an affluent neighborhood. On the ground floor one finds a dentist and a doctor. Also on the ground floor, but on the courtyard's side the caretaker and his spouse are to be found.

My name is Cecilia. I am 22, tall and slim with dark hair. I am to start my second year of med school. I moved into that bourgeois building when my parents inherited two small but lovely apartments from my great grand uncle  I am using one while the other is on sale. The money will allow my parents to redecorate their retirement cottage in the country.

Late September, I am finally settled in my apartment and while doing my biology prep I overheard a loud one sided exchange punctuated by smacking sounds. As curious as a cat I went to my bedroom, and from its opened window I overheard, "An F in math ! I am going to teach you a lesson, take off your knickers !"



"I'll belt your thighs till you take them off !"



Gazing across the courtyard, onto the other aisle of the building, I spotted an opened bedroom window, and saw my lovely 18 year old neighbor standing by her bed. Two embarrassing red marks were decorating the back of her thighs. She obviously didn't want more and surrendered her knickers. Then her mother had her wriggling her derriere with her belt. I counted ten strokes, and her bum was decorated with a pattern of crimson stripes.

A few seconds later, left by herself, and laying on her tummy she gently massaged her well reddened bum with Cold Cream. I returned to my biology prep, and studied it as if I am to be similarly punished in case of a poor grade.

A few days later I explored the bookshelves of my great uncle. Well hidden behind some huge world atlas and in-quarto history books I discovered a tall pile of magazines. I reached and grabbed the top one. Both my eyebrows shot up when I discovered what I had fished. The cover didn't require a caption !

The magazine was named Janus. It was obviously named after the two face Greek God. It was somehow suitably named for my uncle who was a perfect gentleman. Although he must have enjoyed having me sit on his lap when I was younger. Of course my short schoolgirl skirt rode up my thighs, but he always remained a lovely old uncle.

Before turning my light off I read the story pertaining to the cover. The lady was the headmistress of a strict boarding school for girls, and the schoolgirl was to be punished for a poor report card. Her gymslip was pulled up and her blue serge knickers lowered. She got six of the best. I learned that it means six strokes of the cane.

That night I had a steamy dream.... I was a schoolgirl blushing as a strawberry when my skirt was raised and my knickers lowered. I was to be caned for a poor biology prep. I felt shamefully bare, and apprehensively expecting the cane to whip my very bare bottom... "Grgrgrgr!" The radio alarm clock woke me up with a stupid commercial before my for sure well deserved punishment...

The magazine was still opened on the pic of the girl’s well streaked nates. While brushing my teeth  I also remembered my neighbor being belted for an F. I mused, maybe I wouldn't have flunked my first year if I had been punished for my poor grades. It was a silly thought, my parents had never spanked me.

I got a B+ for my biology test. I hadn't expected such a good grade. I imagined that I was inspired ! In front of me at the cashier was a med school student I had briefly met, she looked gloomy...

While still queuing at the supermarket I got a call from the real estate agent, a lady wants to visit the apartment I am to sale for my parents.

Back home, in the courtyard, I came across my young neighbor. She was wearing her school uniform and contrary to most schoolgirls she hadn't rolled up her pleated skirt. She obviously didn't want to show her belted thighs. She was curious and asked, "You've moved into the apart of old Mister Jones ?"

I nodded, "Yes, he was my great grand uncle, I am Cecilia..."

"I am Natalie, and I am to take my A-Levels at the end of the year..."

I smiled, "Second year of med school for me..."


To be continued...

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