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Prügeldorf part 3

I cycled back to our bungalow. Cathy was behind me and didn't waste a second, "Raise your skirt!" I laughed, "You first!" We had a friendly fight, and I won. She was on her tummy, and I was sitting on her back. I pulled her skirt up, "Whoa! You have been a naughty girl!" I pulled her knickers down, "A very naughty girl! You got more than a spanking?"

"I had an D in grammar, for that I was spanked. Then I had an F, in math, and I got the martinet, both on the bare, and in front of the whole class!"

"Guessing that you have showed your fuzzy peach to everyone!"

"Grgrgrgr! Not funny! It was uber embarrassing!"

"Serves you right!"

"What about you?"

I stood and flipped my skirt up, "I was a better girl I only got one spanking!" She surprised me with pulling down my knickers. "Oh!"

I further confessed, "I was spanked on our coach's knees in front of the whole team, fifty smacks plus twenty for my severe regime. I thought she would never stop, boy did I pedal my legs.

I also had to stand in the corner with my hands on my head and my red bum and thighs on display, while she dealt with more girls.

"Spanked like a little girl! That must have taught you a lesson!"

"Oh yes! I am giving up those buckets of ice cream, I need to buy a weighing scale, if I gain two pounds its the belt, going to the supermarket, you're coming?"

"Yes, I was given books to buy."

“Don’t forget your Report Card!”

Later, Cathy prepared a lovely mixed salad with goat cheese, and I helped with her grammar and math homework. We also had a long soak with Epsom Salts.

That night we had naughty dreams.

Next morning we inspected each other's bottoms. I raised Cathy's skirt, "Hum... only a few faded martinet marks, no reason why a few more can't be added!" Then it was her turn to raise my skirt and she chimed, "As good as new! That girl deserves another lesson!"

"Don't forget your Report Card!"

Miss G.I. Jane had us weighing ourselves. I had shed a pound, "Good girl, but you don't have a credit! You have a new weight and the same rules apply, with your severe discipline regime if you gain a pound it will be the martinet, and the belt for two pounds !"

Julianne had gained two pounds, "You were warned! Take off your knickers and skirt, and keep your hands on top of your head!" With having ten pounds to lose she was like me given the severe discipline regime. She got the belt on her bottom and thighs, back and front, ouch! She did quite a dance while sniffling, but she courageously took her punishment. After all we all know that Prügeldorf means Spanking Village for naughty girls who feel that they should be encouraged with traditional discipline.

Next our coach announced, "We are going to the swimming pool."

Jennifer raised her hand, "I forgot my swimsuit!"

"Then you will swim naked!"

"Oh no! Please Miss."

She was given a cossie similar to ours. "Do mention on your Report Card that you forgot your swimsuit."

As we followed our coach to the pool, walking two by two as good girls, Julianne soon realized that it was useless to tug down her cheerleader uniform skirt, it was too short to hide her decorated thighs. She of course knew that embarrassment is part of her punishment. We chatted, and she said. "I can't say that I didn't deserve that belting, but boy did it sting!"

I chimed back, "Now I know what to expect if I gain two pounds."

She asked how I had shed a pound, "Mixed salad with goat cheese and no more ice cream." I also suggested jogging together.

At the pool, after having changed into our swimsuits we found them quite skimpy and we were all trying to adjust them over our nates. Miss G.I. Jane laughed before barking, "Hands by you sides !" She first had us swim a pool length, and was relieved that we knew how to swim. She had more in store for us, "Next I am going to time you, and you are to reach a minimum standard."

She stood at the other end of the pool and started her stop watch. Four of us didn't make it within the allotted time, they were told to step out of the pool. One by one she had them draped over her knees. She pulled their cossie up as thongs and spanked their wet bottom and upper thighs till dry! "Don't readjust your swimsuits, and try again!" Three of them met the required standard. The fourth one was again spanked and eventually made it. She rubbed her crimson butt, but she had a victorious smile.

After lunch we met one of the other cheerleading teams. They also have a G.I. Jane coach, and she looks more severe than ours.

We were to play a game of soccer and we looked equally matched. We told our coach of our experience of the game, and she worked our team accordingly.

We ran after the ball, they ran after the ball, we mounted an attack, they counter attacked, we took a lucky shot at their goal, they returned the favor. We now basically knew who was who. During the mid game break our coaches rearranged their teams. I was still a midfielder and when I again saw that tall blonde charging with the ball I saw red! I had to take the ball away from her!

 I confronted her, she dribbled around me, what impudence! I ran after her and as she was about to dribble our last defender I tried kicking the ball between her feet. She fell and she was holding her ankle! I had missed the ball and kicked her ankle! The coach of the opposing team whistled and called a fault with a red card. That wasn't enough retribution for her. She had me grab my ankles, pulled my gym knickers up into my rear valley and paddled my butt with a leather paddle decorated with a smiley. I missed the humor, and when she was done I danced while rubbing my crimson bum.

We continued playing and we won 2/1. The G.I. Jane coaching the other team was furious. She told me, "Don't forget to mention that incident in your Report Card!" She fumed the more when she saw my teammates giving me high five, I had accidentally and unwittingly taken down her best player.

Justine and Cathy

To be continued...

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