Sunday, August 29, 2021

Buxiban part 10 and Epilog

The dreaded mail arrived. There was the $200 fine for my parents to pay, and my appointment at the Juvenile Correction Center. I was advised to wear a short and wide skirt.
Emma, Lila, and Isia said they would wait for me outside the JCC. I was touched.
The Juvenile Correction Center had its own entrance behind the local police station. There was a counter and a uniformed officer. It wasn't a police uniform, but the JCC badge on the left chest pocket wasn't reassuring. I presented the appointment letter received in the mail, and was shown into a waiting room with a wooden bench and told to wait.
I wasn't the only one waiting. There was another girl, an Asian, about my age, and she looked anxious. She offered a nervous hello. I echoed with my own hello and couldn't help saying, "It is my first time, and I hear that first timers never get the cane?" She said something like, don't worry, and added, "It is my second, and I got the belt instead of the cane on my first, but I am scared that this time I'll be caned."
I gulped when I heard she got the belt for her first time. I looked at her, and she tried to smile. I saw how she had twisted a paper tissue into pulp. I was having butterflies. No one had stepped out from that office. I thought that there must be another way out.
A tall officer opened the door and called her in. He was male! I had never imagined being punished by a male officer. I heard nothing. The door must be soundproof. I ran to the restroom.
The tall officer reappeared and called me in. He closed the door behind me while saying, "Stand in front of my desk!"
Back in his tall chair behind his desk, he read the report and asked, "Is that correct? You ran a red light?"
"Yes Sir. It was actually orange when I went through. The road was wet. I was afraid of skidding if I tried to stop... and it was red on the other side." I took a deep breath and added, "It is the truth, Sir!"
He smiled, "Yes, it is indeed the truth! The officer wrote your bike skidded into the curb as you stopped, and that you flew over the handlebar to land in the grass. You can thank her for a thorough report!"
I gave a very shy smile, and he added, "It is your first time and you have mitigating circumstances. We are going to be very lenient."
He stood, turned around the chair in front of his desk, and pulled me over his knees. You are not a local Anglo. Have you been spanked before?"
"Yes Sir, at my Junior College, Miss Yew spanked me with a small leather paddle, and Mum bought a mamak cane."
"I don't need a leather paddle to teach you a good lesson. You should have ridden slower, and you would have been able to stop for that well ripped orange light."
He raised my skirt, pulled my knickers down, and spanked me. It wasn't the spanking that Lila's father had given us. It was a slow spanking. I felt each smack. His hand was ten time more stingy than Miss Yew's paddle.
 I wriggled, stomped my feet, pedaled my leg, but he had grabbed both my wrists and kept spanking. I felt as if he was scorching my bum. I bawled and cried. Then I heard him counting, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred. He stood me and my hands flew to rub my incandescent derriere. He added, "I am guessing you don't want to go out with your knickers down and your skirt up!"
I slowly pulled up my knickers and lowered my skirt, and rubbed it over my throbbing bum. There was another door, and I was let out and still rubbing. Emma was the first to hug me. Lila and Isia hugged the two of us. They, of course, had plenty of questions. "It was a spanking, ten time more stingy than Miss Yew's paddle, but only a spanking, phew!"
I rode back home above my saddle!
Mum immediately saw that I wasn't worse for wear and pulled my skirt up. "What! A spanking for my $200!"
Still holding my skirt up, she had me bending over the kitchen table and whipped her mamak cane across my thighs.
Next morning back at the Junior College, I wasn't too proud with cane strokes peeking under my skirt.
A few months later, Emma and I got our A-level with honors. We also had two more years of Junior College to prepare for the entrance exam of a prestigious university...

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