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Prügeldorf part 7 - The Epilogue -

Our return from Prugeldorf.


The comments of the caretaker and wife were still echoing." Do you think their dads whipped them on the bare?

"Probably. They are big girls, no use whipping them on their knickers.


We took the old elevator, and as we went up, we felt how the guys were trying to look under our minis through the metallic accordion door.



"By tomorrow all our neighbors will know."

Cathy had more interesting concerns! "Do you think these guys will try their luck?"

"I prefer the one from the third floor, his eyes sparkled."

"Perfect! I prefer the one from the fourth floor, he was mouth opened."


A few days later, Jonathan from the fourth floor and Jeremy from the third floor helped us unload our new sofa from the truck rental. Cathy didn't miss the opportunity, "Thanks! You guys should come for tea, say tonight at 6."


Later I gave her high five, "Well done!"

"We should wear the same minis."


After tea I laughed, "I saw you! You flashed your knickers!"

"So did you, and twice, you're a minx!"


A day later we got a lovely card inviting us for lunch at a restaurant with a river view. The boys had worked together, they had figured that inviting the two of us would make us feel safer.


"We need flowery dresses which will be billowing in the wind, and invite them for a stroll by the river."

"Very clever, its always windy by the river."


Four months later we were married.


We each had received a slim box wrapped into shiny red paper. They came with cards reading.


"Congratulations for your wedding from Prügeldorf.

To be given to your husband without opening!"


We obediently gave them the boxes unopened although we burned with curiosity, They opened them without showing their content, and teased us.

"How thoughtful, exactly what you needed two days ago."

What did he mean "two days ago", he gave me a super spanking with his big hands for having overspent. We also enjoyed a great evening of frenetic shagging!


We were bubbling with curiosity, and were mouths opened when the boys showed us the martinets Prügeldorf had sent.



"I should have known!"


A few weeks later when I was visiting Cathy, I found her adjusting her skirt over a glowing bum barely covered by skimpy knickers. Her martinet was still on the lounge's stool.

I questioned her, and she confessed. "I lost our supermarket card, and had forgot to renew its insurance, and it was used for a shopping spree before cancellation."


I teased, "Jonathan is a softy. I will have to tell him about the the belt!"

"Don't ! The Prugeldorf martinet was already quite stingy!"

"Hahaha! There's something magic about the belt..."


A few weeks later our roles were reversed, my flowery dress billowed in the wind while I attached my bike. Mrs Cathy who was already sitting at the terrace of our favorite pub. She teased as I sat carefully, "Those wide red marks, that was the belt wasn't it?"


I deeply blushed as I realized that a few patrons were gazing my way, she wasn't the only one to have seen how I was punished. I confessed, "I was silly, I left our car opened, it was stolen, and it had lost its wheels when it was found. Jeremy wasn't too happy!"


I added, "I can’t say that I didn’t deserve that belting, and he did a great job, but you know what? I didn't tell him that it wasn't as severe as the switching I got at the Prügeldorf's Correction Center."


"Hahahaha! I'll tell Jeremy!"


"If you do I'll give Jonathan a stingy crocodile belt for your birthday!"


"You said there's something magic about the belt?"


I laughed. "It lights my fire!"


Justine and Cathy


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