Thursday, May 20, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 4

The next few days were peachy, till the chemistry class. I already knew that I wouldn't be the next Marie Curie. We had nicknamed our chemistry professor Mademoiselle O for oxygen, or was it O for the famous novel. She had patiently explained her lesson before giving us a quiz, and she was furious. I was the object of her wrath. "Jennifer, 7/20 ! The lowest grade of the class, and bellow 8 ! I have never seen such a poor grade in my class, I am going to give you something to remember how to better apply yourself !

After having told me to remove my knickers she had me sitting on a front row desk facing the classroom. That was surprisingly innocent till she grabbed my legs and pulled them up. That sure was no longer innocent ! I blushed as red as a cherry ! She whipped my derriere and thighs with a tawse.


I was well punished. I would for sure have decorated thighs for three days, but I also had to admit that it was well deserved considering my lack of efforts and resulting lousy grade...

That afternoon it was tennis at the country club. It was a weekly mandatory lesson. There was no escaping it, and no hiding the fact that I was tawsed. I overheard a young couple, "That my dear is the picture of a good tawsing. Next time you are wasting my money I'll borrow a tawse from Eilean Beithe and redden your bum and thighs..."

"I am very sorry Hon..."

"...and you will wear one of their mini kilts !"

"Please don't, I won't do it again..."

Saturday morning I had to redo the chemistry prep. I sighed, I could have been riding the whole day. I would have to be content with the afternoon, if I reach the minimum 12/20 grade for the detention quiz on the first attempt...

Late morning was the dreaded quiz, and I miserably failed it ! My riding afternoon was lost. The Detention Supervisor announced, "I will see you after lunch !"

Sally one of my roommates, and one of the few who had to attend an afternoon detention also known as double detention warned me, "Its the cane !"

I wasn't late for my Detention Part Two ! Mister Detention Supervisor joined me with a switchy cane. I shuddered for the hissing sound it made as he switched it through the air. I was going to be caned ! "Take off your skirt and knickers, write Detention on the blackboard, and grab your ankles, its two strokes for your failed morning quiz !"


I had never been caned before, the pain grew and grew in intensity till I bawled,



For the second stroke I had let go of my ankles, but I hadn't rubbed and wasn't given a penalty stroke.


 "Sniff... Sniff... Sniffling..."

I could feel those two incandescent cane strokes burning across my derriere. I desperately wanted to rub them, but I didn't dare and endured them. I was given a handkerchief and while I dried my eyes, Mr DS wrote on the blackboard the quiz questions I had failed. He gave me clues to help me answer. I figured out two and failed the other two.

"You know the drill, grab your ankles, two more strokes !"





After having dried my eyes, I was given more clues. I finally understood my mistakes. He gave me back my skirt and announced, "After the cane its punishment knickers !" I pulled up the pair of red string knickers he had given me. I acutely felt how my intensely burning butt was fully bare...

On the way back to my dorm everyone was cheerfully returning from a fun day at the country club, and I was pitifully tugging down my shortish uniform skirt. I was quite surprised when my roommates welcomed me with, "Turn around and raise your skirt naught girl !"

I uttered one of my best, "Huh!"

They explained, "Its a tradition ! When you had a double detention you are to show your bum to your roomies..." They laughed and chanted, "Show us your butt ! Show us your butt ! Show us your butt !" They chanted louder and louder, I imagined all the juniors joining the party... I blushed crimson, turned around and shamefully raised my miniskirt.

They applauded, "Four cane strokes and punishment knickers, not bad for a first double detention !"

Juniata added, "On your bed, on your tummy for after canning treatment..."

She very gently rubbed my welts with cooling Arnica gel, and Amanda gave me four cherry chocolates from our special reserve. I gave one to Juniata with thanks.

Amanda added, "Tonight our bath tube is yours for a long soak with Epsom Salts..."

Next day was Sunday and we had to attend the service. I asked the day's supervisor if I could wear proper knickers. "Punishment knickers are to be worn at all time for three days ! You will have to be careful to keep your skirt down."

I did keep my skirt down, with both hands ! As we marched by the pub Sally mused, "Sorry old timers, its curtain down !"

Later, I skipped the country club. I felt that riding might not be the best idea. Tennis with punishment knickers or the pool with a thong bikini weren't too appealing. I read my chemistry book on my bed and on my tummy.

Three days later I was quite happy to be again wearing my EB schoolgirl knickers. I also promised myself to dump all my strings, thongs and tangas when back home ! After that warning I carefully prepared all my lessons. I even made the roll of honor !


To be continued...

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