Friday, July 7, 2023

Tartan and tawse

Collina, after grading your test paper on Gothic Literature it was evident that you and Rita shared your answers. I have discussed this with Rita and she confirmed what I already knew to be true. Now I'm not going to ask you if it is true and give you the chance to lie, as I'm sure that you would. As your teacher I don't have to do that, but I do have to make sure that this behavior isn't continued. Since it doesn't matter who instigated this infraction I'm going to punish you both. I've already punished Rita and now it is time for you to learn your lesson. I'm assigning you a dozen strokes with the tawse on your bare bottom. Come girl don't look like that, this is a lesson that you must learn. You will both have to retake the test and this time I'm sure that you will only reflect your own answers. The memory of the tawse will be my insurance...
Written by a friend of O&P

OH! Please don't take down my knickers
Be thankful that I am not belting you on the bare in front of the whole class!

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