Sunday, November 27, 2022

District Remedial School part 5

All was peachy until Pippa and I had the silly idea of absconding during a visit to the London British Museum with Mr Matheson. We had a shopping spree. We rode double deck London buses, and went to Harrods. We bought mohair sweaters in fluo colors and vertiginous stiletto heels. We also had vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, it was a fun afternoon. We didn't imagine that Mr Math would be doing a roll call after the museum's visit, how silly!

We had quite a surprise when we were back in his next class. When he saw us entering the classroom he picked up the crook handle cane hanging next to the blackboard and swished it. We shuddered with the hissing sound. I knew of those whippy junior canes which are light enough to be whipped across the thighs. I had twice tasted one at the Discipline Academy of the Crimson Manor Country Club, and still remember the sting.

"Julia and Pippa, you took me for a fool! I am going to teach you a lesson. Take off your knickers, and leave them on your desks."

I was first, and told to bend over the back of a wooden chair and to grab its seat. I blushed to my ears has I realized that he had set that chair in such a way that my derriere would be facing the whole classroom. Mr Matheson pulled my skirt up and I tightly closed my legs, but I felt how I was showing more curls than I wanted because of that tall chair. He swished his cane, it hissed, and THWACK! A millisecond second later I felt a scorching stripe of fire across my nates.

Six times he whipped my bum. I couldn't help a dance which must have showed my sherry to all my classmates. Then he lashed my thighs with that stingy cane, and both my hands flew to rub my blazing legs.


"Stand, turn around to face the classroom, and raise your skirt. You are getting an additional stroke for having broke your position."

He whipped the front of my thighs, and I did quite a dance has I cried out.


"Stand in the corner facing your classmates with your skirt up."

"Pippa! Lets have your bare bottom up over that chair.

I was again standing in the corner as a punished schoolgirl, but this time I was exposing my curls to the whole classroom. It was even more embarrassing than showing my derriere after the martinet. I could see my classmates glancing at my muff.

That stroke across the front of my thighs was infernal. I was itching to rub it, but I didn't dare. I sure didn't want another one! I almost forgot my throbbing bum.

I was sniffling and feeling sorry for myself, but I had to admit that it was well deserved. Disappearing during that school outing for a shopping spree was a stupid thing to do. As stupid as all the silly ideas which had me flanking my A-levels two years ago. Somehow my scorched derriere and thighs were telling me that this time I wouldn't be allowed to fail. It was strangely reassuring. It was a long corner time, I also had time to imagine Adrian massaging each of those fiery stripes.

On the way to work I rode with one hand on the handlebar, the other one was rubbing my skirt over the stripe adorning the front of my thighs. I carefully avoided, the lobby, the elevators and Bernie Le Perv. I couldn't avoid Mrs Forsythe's keen eyes. "The cane on your thighs! What did you do to deserve such a severe punishment?"

I told her, and I wasn't surprised by her conclusion, "Well deserved!" She had me blushing to my ears when she teased. "I should have you standing in the corner of Mr Coleman's office with your skirt up and knickers down to your knees for his return from the board meeting."

I protested, "Please don't! It was a silly mistake, I am very very sorry. I won't do it again. I promise!"

She mischievously teased me as she added, "Your friend Bernie is to see him after the board meeting."

I hurriedly change the subject, and told her that I have improved my grades, "I now have straight As in grammar and Bs in math."

Later I called Adrian, and he rubbed my derriere and more! He also said that I am a naughty girl who got what she deserved. I pouted, and he smacked my tender bum! "Don't you agree?" I nodded with an impertinent grin, and I got another smack!


To be continued...

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