Thursday, October 7, 2021

Rubbing doesnt help much

  You are invited to play with us !

We have a new website !

You will find an Application Form in the "pages" of this blog
 Complete that form and send it to

(Adults only)

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  1. Forlorn hope of some soothing respite!
    Nostalgia stings.

    Boo-Hoo! Our poor scarlet botties, B!
    Pray, why did we rub them so?!! Boo-Hoo :-(
    Forlorn hope indeed.

    How wonderful is that first photo ? Pure nostalgia of naughty lil' Debbie & her real life mommy, Margo, in the early 1980s.
    Take 2: Debbie gotten spanked a bunch the first time around like me, growing up in the 1960s & 70s! This photo was normal life.
    Just swap that paddle for my mom's cane & that sure was lil' Ol' me suffering a sore, unprotected botty already!!!

    Oh my! I find it mesmerising to see this again today, but that loud carpet is more painful to see than a darn good skelpin' Brigitte ha-ha!! Debbie & her mom were pioneering Nu West superheroes. A nice American counterpoint to the trailblazing (tailblazing?!!) Janus & Roue of the late 1970s.
    Thanks B, and nasty, Spartan SMACKABOTTIES to ya!
    Brenda xx

  2. Hahaha! I love your comment about the carpet! Yes, that Nu-West pic is great, pity I couldn't find a better copy. I also wish I could have found a non truncated copy of the last pic, such a convincing dance, or should that be a convinced young lady doing a dance... B xx

  3. Thanks dear B. I sooooo love the term "Brat War Dance" coined by the great Belinda Kruger of A German Brat blog. She's a wonderful artist like your good self, B! The BWD seems to capture the unbearable stinging moment most incisively (& memorably !! Ha-Ha!) Oh my!

    I have used my own phrase "switchy-stingy-botty-hoppy dance" for many ions, B. The realistic image & actions of actually "hopping" across that loud carpet, always makes me laugh in a cute but traumatic, rueful fashion :-)

    Never mind about the photo quality, B. I love it, already. There is something so visceral & reflective about the grainy, faded quality of yesteryear's visuals! It is just reality. We were actually there for darn's sake!!!

    Born beginning of 1959, I always joked that the 1960s was a world of black n white... when our botties gotten very red!! Oh dear!
    The 1970s then heralded that nostalgic world of colour (especially colour TV & advanced photos) ...but alas, our bottoms still gotten very red, ha-ha! Boo-Hoo!
    Thanks a bunch for your continued, great efforts, B, as always.
    Brenda xx