Thursday, June 9, 2022

Knickers down!



You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

 Please click the above pic...


  1. Love the spontaneous technique on the first, B. Quite admirable :-)
    That's how naughty girls gotten spanked in the park. Whoosh! SMACKABOTTIES! Good n sore!

    Second one is delightful and qiite normal: "why, yes , a well-smacked bottom simply cannot wait another second, young lady!!" Said mom, speedily. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
    Oh my! Has that naughty lil' missy ever scaled those stairs so quickly, B ?! :-)
    Hugs n spanks.
    Brenda xx

  2. Love that second GIF. It is the type of thing that gives me ideas.


  3. I love both of these!!! Delicious :-)

  4. Soz everyone, it was an unfinished page!
    Its now done :)
    The second gif is quite elaborate for such a media. Love the forceful lowering of her knickers, and the way she has her hands covering her front till told to raise her skirt
    B xx

    1. The GIFs have changed. It's the one with the stairs that I like.


    2. The stairs gif is amusing, one can almost hears the sequels as she runs up stairs but the OTK is my favourites with her knickers being pulled down, her skirt flicked up before being positioned for a good spanking