Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A bathbrush spanking

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1 comment:

  1. "It was not your (pink cartoon) panties that misbehaved, Brenda!"

    Oh my! How lovely is photo two, B ?
    Naughty Missy's non-big girl knickers pulled down for a smacked bottom with the bath brush. Most salutary. I approve.
    Those softy, bubble gum-cute, pinky-perky, lil' girl panties were sadly forbidden for me & my sister to wear in the 1960s/70s! We only wore very conservative, sensible, Church-compliant clothes which meant all our panties were traditional, Georgia-cotton, dazzling-white, 1950s-full sized, Carter's spanky pants style! Our mother gotten a job lot from the store. We had no choice. Our knickers were Oh so cringingly cute but boring & conservative. Of course we gotten these panties pulled down when we needed our naughty, bare botties spanked with the cane! That was normal for punishment.

    But I sure would have liked to see my lil' sister have those pinky, cartoon knicks pulled down to reveal her soft, alabaster-white buttocks for the rod from mom. Would sure have made an exciting change of fashion & design in the spanking protocol n context in yore! Oh my! Might have made light of the trauma & heavy sobriety when we gotten caned in front of God in the living room!!!
    Thanks, B.
    Hugs, Brenda xx