Wednesday, October 14, 2020



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  1. Yes, and your panties down too! Last drawing.

    Oh my! Gorgeous final drawing, B. Typical of Janus. That sad, incredible look from the girl and for me, the normalcy and necessity (!!) of this situation. She is pulling her knickers down for the cane on her bare bottom from her father, in the study (or perhaps a sound whooping on bare skin with the classic, hard, bendy, British, black plimsoll). This cane/plimsoll on a bare seat was normal discipline for daughters in the UK in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Quite right too, B!

    Moreover, this is how my sister & I gotten disciplined in our childhoods in Atlanta. We similarly had to raise dresses & drop our panties to our knees for the cane from mom on a bare backside (12 strokes) although for most of our years growing up, mother would actually undertake a brief, formal, scary panties-down, baring ritual herself (with my hands on my head) The baring of our tender, fair bottoms was a chastisement in its own right... and then, I had to bend my dazzling-white, squishy-soft botty over the sofa in all its naked glory for a good thrashing in front of God. Quite right too, B!

    So that was the punishment for we daughters from age seven. Yup! It was darn harsh...just as it needed to be! And it was more than necessary. The woke moms were utterly aghast in later decades (intriguing topics of conversation), but the facts of my strict Southern 1960s childhood are symbolically embedded in this great, last drawing. Same feeling today as it was viewing Janus in the 1970s.

    Oh my! I just noticed Miss W Szabo added onto that colour drawing. You lovely, clever girl, Brigitte! Nice one ha-ha! :-)
    Kind regards,
    Brenda xx