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  1. The Spanking Paradox - un chapeaux mais, sans culottes!
    Bonnet in situ, but the panties are not. Boo-Hoo!

    Oh my! I sooooo love this photo montage, B. Wonderful! It so aligns with my super-strict, arch-conservative, religious upbringing where smart formality (& clothes!), rigid rules, traditional decorum & hard, bare bottom spankings were a crucial, normal & necessary fact of family life.

    The lovely detail here (we love the details, B!) of "a hat but no panties", projects the stark, "bareness" of her naughty botty & the fact that chastisement must take place! Without compromise. The contrast of her clothed head & unclothed buttocks reinforces both the strictness & the normality of corporal punishment in good, traditional homes. Oh my!

    It matters not, that she is wearing her smart, traditional bonnet...only that her pretty, blue dress must be raised & her dazzling-white panties must be lowered for a proper spanking on a very bare bottom. The final two photos are superlative & so powerful. Boo-Hoos a bunch. Sensitive-skinned botty so very bare & her pretty dress & soft, cotton, white panties are so very Southern belle, B!!!

    Oh my! Such minor details, scream loud, & underline the authenticity & sombre reality of corporal punishment. And also the variety of spanking situations, that we naughty girls found ourselves in, B!!

    Oh my! I absolutely coveted these wonderful corporal punishment montages in early Janus, B. In the mid 1970s. I love the panties down, "botty reveal, breeze on the botty moment of truth" event in photo 5. That is how it gotten done over papa's knee. He is real mad, already!!

    Sister & me gotten to wear our bonnets & our Southern Sunday best to church at home in the 1960s/70s. All girly finery for Sunday Special. Church was everything for my mother. Why yes, if we goofed around in church, then we gotten our bare buttocks soundly whipped when we gotten home - y'all daughters were subject to strict rules, gospels, scriptures & behaviour in yore! many girls gotten their panties pulled down & their bare, lily white backsides spanked by moms in a quiet corner of the church or parking lot...pretty, smart bonnets still on their heads, of course!! Probity endures.

    But I do not ever remember my sister or I being spanked at home (or outside the home) in our bonnets. Mother would fetch the cane & so our fine, grandiose, Southern belle hats would be appropriately removed & safely place on the table. Then our dresses gotten hoisted & our knickers pulled down for the cane on a bare botty. That was the punishment. It was all normal.

    But interestingly, re the chapeaux- I sure do vividly remember us getting whooped wearing our baseball hats. That was different. Because baseball hats were small, tidy & unobtrusive when having your bottom bared & spanked!!! For sure, the whole of Georgia wore baseball hats...indeed, the whole of America wore baseball hats, B!! Naturally, our great, nationally-leading baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, made y'all citizens of Atlanta loyal, ardent fans & crazy cheerleaders. I was a cheerleader of sorts in our suburb for many years (not an actual official Braves cheerleader obviously!!) And so we girls all wore the garb & the outfits, skirts etc. And the baseball caps. Y'all gotten the merch!!

    And I so recall my lil' sister, hands on her head, crying & facing away from me, her cute shorts & panties pulled down to her knees, being scolded by mom. Her chubby, dazzling-porcelain-white botty, all squishy and bare, framed by her stark, golden brown sun tan lines, awaiting the terrible cane - "the rod of correction in front of God". This was just normal, required discipline in our house, B. It was exactly what we girls deserved. And the baseball cap adorning the punishment scene was both incongruous & normal, already. It was just an accessory to a daughter's spanking!!
    Hugs n thanks.
    Brenda xx