Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Papa isnt happy...


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  1. Cane to bare botty is normal, harmless & necessary for naughty daughters!

    And it sure was for my sister & me when papa wasn't happy, B, as shown here. Although it was mom who was the main bottom-smacker-in-chief! Papa was away on business, & was a lil' less strict already.

    Oh my! This lovely, realistic montage is one of my fave of all time, B. Not just your amazing blog...but anywhere in the genre. This last super photo , cane hovering menacingly, should be a prime contender for the front cover of my memoirs! Oh my! That is how I gotten chastised in front of God in my 1960s/70s childhood: skirt up, panties down, botties completely bare for the terrible, whippy cane. It was normal CP for we girls.

    It stung like absolute Hell on a bare botty, (that was the idea!) but this harmless "tough love" sure did us good when we were naughty. It was beyond compelling to see my lovely lil' sister (now age 61 ha-ha!) receive her knickers-down whoopings over many years.

    It was all just a simple fact of life in our strict, religious, happy n loving house in Georgia; & so we learned many a right from wrong on the chubby, bare, alabaster-white, tender-skinned place provided for that very purpose with the rod!
    Awesome authentic photos!!! A visceral reminder of yore.
    Hugs n spanks B.
    Brenda xx