Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Old pic story... The blue dress...

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  1. Parents who care, cane.

    I absolutely adore this photo montage, B: the blue dress. And the dress is just like a typical 1950s Southern belle dress that I wore in the 1960s in my happy, conservative childhood. Oh my!

    I was brought up in the 1960s with that maxim - "parents who care, cane". My religious mother staunchly believed that corporal punishment was kind & necessary, and a function of good, normal parenting. This was the Southern thesis. And it was also the advocacy of our Christian church -"spare the rod spoil the child", already.

    I sooooo love that second set of three monochrome photos: discovering the cane, "why yes, dress up, panties down young lady!"...and ending with a bare, squishy-soft botty bending over the chair for suitable admonishment. That was normal, B.

    Indeed, that was my fairest, bare botty (chastised a lot!!) in the 1960s & 70s, awaiting the cane from mom or dad, usually mom. This Blue Dress montage beautifully presents the normality, benefit and necessity of bare bottom chastisement with the cane for naughty daughters - and I discovered later in my teens, that British girls gotten the same punishment in strict, traditional, kind families, B.

    I gotten an affinity with British daughters, because my besties in Atlanta gotten the strap on average (albeit some gotten the cane, because my mother had recommended the cane to their mothers at Church coffee mornings! I have written about this, already.)

    The ferocious sting of that salutary, maternal rattan on my bare botty is unforgettable, but perhaps even more visceral, was to see my lil' sister (dress up, panties down) with her starkly defined, rich, golden brown sun tan lines & vividly contrasting, dazzling, whiter-than-alabaster-white backside all bare & sensitive, meekly bending over the sofa in defeat, for the cane from mom. She told too may lies, the naughty, silly girl (now age 61 ha-ha!) Thus, CP was normal, routine & frequent. But never dull. Oh my!

    As a child, born of the late 1950s in Atlanta, I heard the maxim "spare the rod spoil the child", every week from God-fearing moms (if not every day!!) It sure was a First Amendment, B. And then in later years, I saw the Janus editors (original volumes, late 1970s) state that naughty daughters should be given a "sensible, knickers down caning" by their parents at home. Sure thing. I agree!

    Y'all gotten it! I sure gotten it. And this Blue Dress sequence perfectly portrays how normal, routine & necessary it all was, thank the Lord! It was a foundation of family life and those PC folks sure made a big, darn fuss!!!
    Thanks & regards, B.
    Brenda xx