Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The cane - a few drawings

A rare Eilean Beithe color drawing, who remembers EB ?


 You are invited to play with us !

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  1. De rigeur: the botty smacker in residence. AKA a flexible, rattan cane in yore.

    Simply galore, B. I gotten to enjoy these mesmerising drawings since the late 1970s, when I escaped home to University...and discovered Janus & Roue in the stores. A game-changer par excellence. I love 'em all!!!

    I always loved the last two: famous Janus artistry (in black n white pencil/ink) from late 70s/early 80s, showing a naughty schoolgirl with cane stripes across her poor, unprotected botty from pop n mom, respectively (just as it should be). This is how British daughters gotten chastised at home in the 1950s-1980s.

    Oh my! These two drawings were visceral & authentic for myself. Why, yes, for me as a naughty child, mother kept a botty smacker for me & my sister, in the 1960s/70s. Corporal punishment was simply routine & normal in our Christian house-a foundation of family values, if you will.

    This "implement of correction in front of God", was a quality, thin, flexible rattan cane, kept handy in the cupboard for two naughty, bare bottoms. We always gotten it with our white, cotton, 1950s knickers pulled down to our knees, in the living room and we sure felt the unbearable sting of 12 strokes on our bare buttocks (that was the idea!!). Harsh but fair in my opinion. It was harmless Hell!! And it was the only punishment our God-fearing mom believed in. And the strict Church and y'all citizens of Georgia advocated CP at home!! It was never questioned.

    I love that EB coloured drawing. Poor lil' Brenda is presenting her bare, fairy-soft, squishy-white botty for the cane. There were no naughty steps back then, Thank the Lord, B !!! I love the pastel colours & lovely blue pencil shading. Naughty missy looks meek & remorseful. She knows that the best lessons are learned over a bare bottom with the rod. It was God darn normal, B!
    Hugs n spanks.
    Brenda xx