Saturday, May 15, 2021



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  1. Final superlative drawing, The Detention Room, by Julian Guile: a well-smacked bottom is taking place here. This was normal, necessary & harmless for naughty daughters in my view.

    Oh my! I really adore this last drawing from J Guile, B. It is an iconic fave. I love Guile's series of drawings (across your blog) which evoke realistic, father/daughter punishment scenario...which was absolutely real life too! As my parents said many ions ago when I was about to receive the cane, on a bare backside, with my panties pulled down: "a stinging bottom right now will stop you getting into trouble when you are older, Brenda". Yup! Absolutely right. "Tough Love" or "Spanking with Love" (1970s common phrases in the South) were essential. Y'all gotten CP! This drawing of a naughty girl receiving just desserts on the orthodox surface evidences that necessity.

    For sure, this drawing mesmerised me in the late 1970s, B (in Janus magazine), well before Paula Meadows' drawings, and of course, over two decades before even the great George J Churchward put pencil to paper. Oh my! Some GJC sketches also proudly feature on your blog, B.

    This drawing reflects my childhood discipline: cane to bare botty! No wokerati nonsense, PC or wishy-washy values were endured in 1960s Atlanta, Georgia, B, thank the Lord! Whenever I gotten to see most commonly now, impossible princess brats terrorizing their moms, causing havoc in the stores n malls n parks: tantrums, potty-mouthed tirades, "Yeah, Like! Whatever!!" hitting their moms, I sure wish when they gotten home, their shorts & panties would have to come down for a good dose of the nasty lil' cane on their soft, bare botties. Good n sound in front of God in the living room, with no quarter given (AKA a harmless but a salutary massive sting on the sensitive bare buttocks!) to teach respect consideration for others - especially for their kind, hardworking, long suffering, strict, superhero mommies!!! That is exactly how my sister & I gotten punished growing up. Alas, B, the naughty step has taken over.

    This Julian Guile drawing vividly illustrates the normal if acutely wise suggestion from Janus's editors in the 1970s, that naughty daughters should be given "a sensible panties-down caning" at home. Sure thing, B. That was simply de rigueur for domestic discipline at the time in the UK & US alike. And indeed, that observation & edict became my First Amendment, B, ha-ha! I was a University student at that time & had understood the benefits of strident discipline & good, proper spankings in my younger days. I then later respected the New Moral Order movement from Janus in the face of PC waves & a decline in strict family values. That is me in the J Guile picture - big, chubby, pouty buttocks, unprotected & well skelped n stung with the rod, with an expression of extreme discomfort. And most sorry for my bad antics& attitude, already! Perfect :-)

    My own numerous bare bottom whoopings with mom's cane (and watching my sister's same skelpings) were in the vanguard of Christian-faith practice, church advocacy and were a simple fact of life in our most wonderful, happy, strict upbringing in Atlanta's suburbs in the 1960s & 70s. To paraphrase, it was the best of times, & definitely not the worst of times. Moreover, y'all girls gotten spanked on our bare botties back then (we naturally compared notes, bottoms & experiences at church, school, Bile class etc. Oh my!) It was simply par for the course.

    Thanks a bunch, B. Great memories of seeing this J Guile drawing (& others) in Janus over four decades' ago. And focused, rueful thoughts of my sore, blazing-red botty cheeks after my well-deserved canings from mom!
    Brenda xx