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And don't forget our friend Devlin O'Neill who posted today our story "Asking the neighbors part 4"

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  1. Parents who care, cane. Janus art & childhood whoopings. No daughters bottoms gotten hurt (...just stingy!!)

    Oh my! I so adore that drawing number 5, B, black n white from Hardcastle, appearing in Janus. I so coveted these drawings when I discovered Janus in the late 1970s as a student. I was mesmerized to see this drawing & such powerful , visceral art...and I get the same feeling today, frankly! And at age 63 (now much nearer age 64 ha-ha!) I find the corporal punishment art & photos on your blog even more appealing & authentic, B. Maybe I just gotten even stricter ha-ha!

    The early pioneering editions of Janus magazine (1978 & 79) showed daughters getting the cane on their bare botties on the front cover. Oh my!! I found this beyond sensational simply because I gotten punished with mom's spanking stick (a quality, flexi, thin, rattan cane) on the bare skin of my bottom as a child. So did my sister. It was simply called "a spanking". And for sure, y'all daughters gotten spanked on their bare backsides in 1960s Atlanta, Georgia (albeit the traditional leather strap was more prevalent in America & the South than the cane)

    Drawing 5 has lovely duality for me, that I loved when first reading Janus in the 1970s - yes, it is a schoolgirl caning. But it is also translated into a daughter's caning at home. It is very realistic, but also unrealistic, ergo, daughters' bottoms gotten appropriately bared for the cane from parents at home, but were not bared for the cane at school. My botty was always totally bared for the cane from mom (that was simply the rule in our Christian home), but CP at school was never administered on bare bottoms. Moreover, I never gotten CP myself at school - I was well-behaved thanks to my mother's fierce discipline & boundaries at home in the 1960s & 70s (ditto for my sister, already).

    Moreover, B, the wise Janus editors diligently said in their monthly pioneering magazine 1977-1980, that recalcitrant daughters at home should be given "a sensible, knickers down caning" when they were naughty. Botties bare for the cane indeed, B. I sure concur with that traditional view, B. Parents who care, cane! As they say. "Sensible" being exactly what my mother preached to her daughters in the 1960s (ruefully "!) and also to the other moms at church by explaining the importance of baring naughty girls' buttocks for the cane for maximum sting, maximum safety & a moderation of important humbling, B. Indeed caning over clothes, like panties, encouraged harder strokes with less accuracy, whereas the repeated, snappy-wrist-flick of the bendy cane on sensitive, bare buttocks was harsh & salutary yet completely harmless. I sure concur...and my fairest, sensitive bare botty has survived the maternal onslaught in my childhood, already, B!!!

    So drawing 5, is actually lil' Ol' me bending over for the cane on my bare botty from mom in the 1960s & 70s, with my sister witnessing the chastisement in front of God. Oh my! And it is also simultaneously a schoolgirl scene taking place at the end of summer term, when naughty antics gotten discovered! Our experiences, facts & fiction collide, B. That was always the case for me with Janus.

    Albeit, of course, the wonderful Readers' Letters of Janus & Roue always evidenced a bunch of daughters (or strict moms & pops) reporting how the smack of the parental cane or black plimsoll upon the bare bottoms of naughty girls at home was a normal, necessary fact of traditional family life in the UK in the 1950s, 60s & 70s.

    Drawing 5 has a powerful, simple message for me, B. But with complex nostalgia & experiences underpinning its visuals!! Same today as it was seeing this drawing first time in the late 1970s & 80s.
    Hugs n smacks
    Brenda xx