Saturday, June 19, 2021

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  1. Last drawing: "spare the rod spoil the child". As Janus recommended

    Love the last picture: dress up, panties down, cane to bare botty. That is the punishment I gotten from mom as a naughty child. Sure beats the naughty step! I love the positioning on the comfy cushion & bending over the chair for perfect for proper chastisement. And I am always reminded (in this day of PC wokerati totems) that Janus advocated a "sensible panties-down caning for daughters" in good, strict homes in the 1970s - exactly as this picture evidences, B. On the bare botty be it too!!!

    Panties here for this girl are pulled down just slightly, never removed. My mother used to say that my botty would feel much more bare, exposed & vulnerable (that is the idea!) if my panties are pulled down to just above knees (never removed), and my dress is raised just above my buttocks. The proximity of my adjusted clothing meant that whilst my botty was totally bare (feeling the breeze & quivering with goose bumps) the rest of my body is not exposed. There is thus a minimum of other bare flesh exposed (on legs, backs etc) apart from my buttocks, with their required, total 100% exposure. This naturally draws attention to my bare backside in my mindset. And this produces an exaggerated effect of a very bare bottom, which adds more drama & humbling.

    As mom said "a bare bottom for the cane, is a bare bottom for the cane", panties can be pulled down just enough to achieve this, never removed. Thus clothing should only be slightly adjusted for maximum effect of a bare bottom whooping. The adjusted dress and panties should frame the bare buttocks for maternal punishment. Oh my! I sure concur with my mom (& discussed this with other moms) and experienced umpteen countless whippings in this manner, as a naughty child, B.

    Interestingly, on this picture, some strict moms may wish to unfasten the two pinafore buttons/straps and pull down or remove the grey dress, rather than simply lifting the dress. Indeed, my sister & I wore cute, conservative dungarees (overalls) a whole bunch growing up in the 1960s & 70s. We wore these dungarees in the cooler winter months, obviously. When we needed our botties skelped mom would hold the cane, and then carefully unfasten the sturdy front poppers on either side of our chest. The straps would then fall back over our shoulders & down. Then the lower side poppers would be unfastened to completely loosen the clothing and allow the dungarees to be dismantled & fall down to the floor in a crumpled heap. This took longer (drama builds) than simply lifting a dress or pulling down a pair of shorts.

    Oh my! We girls would have our hands on our heads at this point in the baring process. We would be standing in our t-shirts & so mom would then (with brief scolding) finally slip our white, cotton, 1950s panties down to our knees (to join the dungarees on the floor) to fully expose our bare botties for punishment. She would then guide us over her knee (early years) & then soon the sofa for the dreaded cane.

    I always loved to discuss such spanking details with my sister & my besties at church/school. It was all just normal necessary facts of family life in 1960s, Georgia, B.
    Hugs n thanks, B.
    Brenda xx