Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The worse thing about a spanking is...


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1 comment:

  1. Third photo: girl bending over, looking at y'all!

    "You takin' to me?!"

    "You talkin' to me?!"

    "Why, yes, young lady! I am talkin' to you! And I am gonna smack your bare bottom with my spanking stick for your goofing around in church!"

    Lessons are learned over a bare bottom, B - Oh my! This truly superlative, vintage photo (love the red sneakers, n long, white socks) shows a naughty girl at home, about to get her pouting, bare botty soundly skelped by her father's rattan cane. Or perhaps her mother's cane (that was my own experience in yore!) It sure defines the "seat of learning", B!

    I love the way this daughter is looking at y'all, her viewers n fans, with sad but resigned eyes: she will be punished in front of God, on the orthodox surface. She deserves the rod, & knows that such bare bottom discipline is normal, necessary & guaranteed for y'all girls in kind but strict households!

    Oh my! Perhaps alternatively too, the resounding smack of the standard, British plimsoll or the All-American leather strap could be heard to be loudly spanking the sensitive, bare skin on her buttocks to remind neighbours & passers-by, how her strict, loving parents deal with her misbehaviour at home. Bare, red bottoms were necessary & normal back when wokerati platforms or PC had not yet gotten invented, B.

    My sister & I gotten raised in a typical, Christian family in Atlanta in the 1960s, & corporal punishment was an important, routine foundation stone of family life. Rules & protocol were very strict & infringements meant that mom would raise our dresses, pull down our panties & tan our bare, white backsides with the cane in the living room & then send us to our rooms (we were crying profusely, with a hornets nest raging against our red-sore botties).

    Yup! These harsh but harmless whoopings were strongly advocated by the church & by our neighbours, already - a lovely, elderly, pious couple - who actually heard the cane smacking our bare, soft botties when our doors & windows were open!!! naturally, our screams & wails were even louder, already! This loving but severe, Spartan chastisement was simply good parenting & Ol' fashioned, Southern just desserts, B, Period!

    This awesome photo (typical of pioneering, 1970s Janus) is a real fave of mine already & would feature in my memoirs, for sure. Oh my! These vintage photos & drawings (abound in your great Blog, B) realistically evidence & narrate the domestic, schoolgirl events of the 1960s, 70s, 80s in the US, UK & Europe, when naughty daughters were given an unbearable, stinging bottom for bad attitude n behaviour! It was all just normal & necessary, B. No naughty steps required, thank the Lord!

    So, yes, as the wise Janus editors reported in the 1970s: naughty daughters should be chastised with a "sensible knickers-down caning" at home. Sure thing, B. I gotten exactly that punishment my God-fearing, wonderful mother, & it sure whipped me into shape & taught me right from wrong!
    Hugs n thanks.
    Brenda xx