Thursday, July 22, 2021


  You are invited to play with us !

We have a new website !

You will find an Application Form in the "pages" of this blog
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(Adults only)

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  1. Cheerleading & chastisement is normal.

    "They said this sporty, naughty lil' girl goofing around at cheerleading, gotten the fairest-skinned backside in Georgia. But no man had ever seen it, save for her strict father."

    Rest assured B, that this young lady in the photo is raised in a strict, church-going southern family where the rod is not spared. She gets her father's strap across her bare bottom when she misbehaves. Corporal punishment on the orthodox surface in front of God is normal. Her lil' sister receives the same. It has always been that way.

    I so loved my cheerleading back in the 1960s/70s Atlanta, B. (Go the Braves!)
    Raised in a typical strict, religious home, my white, cotton panties gotten pulled down, my dress gotten hoisted & my chubby, bare, squishy-white botty gotten soundly smacked with the rattan cane in the living room, when I was naughty, mainly by my God-fearing mom.
    That was the punishment from a young age. I always say it was just normal discipline and although extremely uncomfortable (!!!) the cane on our bare buttocks for sister & me was totally harmless & totally necessary to teach us right from wrong.
    Big hugs, B.
    Brenda xx