Sunday, August 8, 2021

Buxiban part 7

Next morning at school, Tuti, one of the teasing Asian girls saw the cane stripes peeking under my uniform skirt, "Your Mom bought a mamak cane!"

I shouldn't have worried about what my classmates could see of Mum's punishment, since the afternoon was about swimming. With a common locker room, I had to take my knickers down in front of everyone. Tuti and Zee laughed, "That wasn't much of ganzhé dance!"

I adjusted the bottom of my cossie and they laughed the more, "Your stripes are still showing!" I shrugged, and they turned to Emma who also had a few stripes. "Your muqin is learning fast!"

Miss Coach warned us about having a wee-wee in the pool. "There's a tell tale chemical, and I will tan your bottom." She had us swimming quite a few lengths before pulling a net across the pool for a fun game of pool volley

After showers Lila invited us for a weekend pajama party at her house. Having returned home I asked if I could go and Mum agreed, "Don't forget your homework!" I changed into a jeans mini. I no longer cared about showing the cane stripes on my thighs. I knew that I wasn't alone. I stuffed a backpack, rode to Emma's nearby house, and impatiently rang the bell of my bike.

Lila's house was a classic detached bungalow in a condominium park with tennis courts. We were parking our bikes under the car-shed when Isa joined us. Lila lead us to the kitchen to meet her mom. I immediately saw the mamak cane with a purple plastic handle hanging in plain sight by the fridge. Her mother was real nice, and offered ice cream cones. We followed Lila to her room. Her mother shouted, "And start your homework!" Lila had prepared mattresses on the floor, and a large telly for a real PJ party. 

Two hours later we had enough of homework, and we heard a car. Lila ran downstairs and told us to follow her to be introduced to her father. He looked as the stern banker that he is, but he gave a peck on the forehead for his daughter, and for each of us.

After stir-fried prawns with snow peas and ginger we helped Lila clear the table. We watched the news on the big screen TV of the family lounge. Her father had quite a sense of humor, as he commented the days events.

Then we retired to Lila's room, and loaded 'Bring It On'. We didn't stay up the whole night. We had had a busy day with morning classes, and the afternoon swim.

Next morning we went to a super shopping center with a pool in the atrium. There's also big shopping centers back home, but none have a pool! We took a table with a view of the pool for watching the boys. We had chili crabs. It was great, and messy, but we were given big bibs. The waiter hosed the tables and floor before taking our bibs. Then we had lychees, and more boy-watching.

As we unlocked our bikes by the parking elevators, two boys discreetly offered a big bottle of French champagne. "Only $25." We exchanged naughty winks, and bought that bottle.

Back at Lila's house, before dinner, we discreetly got ice cubes for chilling our bottle of bubbly. After dinner it was party time! "Don't be up too late dears!" Lila chimed back, "Yes Mum!" and we took the stairs to her room giggling.

We loaded part 2 of 'Bring It On' and tasted our champagne. It was great and we mimicked the cheerleaders dance routines of the movie. Two glasses later we were enthusiastically dancing and singing. With two more we stumbled, and loudly crashed on the floor.

The door was suddenly opened. Lila's mother didn't need a drawing to understand that we were half drunk. She called her father. He smiled when he saw us. She picked up the cordless phone and called our parents, "Yes, agreed, she will be punished exactly as my daughter." 

She suggested the mamak cane, but Lila's father offered to spank us. "It isn't as if they hadn't done their homework, or had bad grades." She laughed, "You're such a softy!" 

I was first. He pulled me over his knees, grabbed both my wrists behind my back, raised my skirt and started spanking my knickered bottom. Lila's mother protested, "At least take down her knickers for a real spanking!" I blushed crimson as he yanked my knickers down to my knees. Then I got a super fiery spanking! I stomped my feet, kicked my legs. He had one of his legs over mine and continued my spanking. I had teary eyes, and my bum was throbbing when he helped me up. I shamefully pulled up my knickers.

Twenty minutes later we were rubbing each other's bottoms with cooling cream. "Phew! Thanks to your father we avoided the mamak cane!"

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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1 comment:

  1. Oh my! That lovely, pouty, fairy-soft, squishy-white botty in the photo is soooo perfect for the mamak cane, B. I would not recommend anything else for a naughty girl. Fetch the mamak cane mommy!!

    That cute lil' flexible rattan spanky-stick is perfect for naughty daughters: completely harmless but will make her bare botty sting like absolute Hell as is appropriate. And father can administer the chastisement over his knee, as shown in the photo. No rush, pop! YUP! that is the exact harsh punishment that my sister & me gotten in the living room in the 1960s! No wishy-washy woke punishments were part of good, strict parenting in those days in Georgia!!!

    Such lovely writing, B.

    Quote: "Your Mom bought a mamak cane!"
    Sure thing!! My own God-fearing mother bought a similar cane in the 1960s. Just like a mamak cane, although it was not called that. We called it a switch and "the hornets nest". Designed for the bare botty too, & to sting real bad upon sensitive, nonresilient surface skin !!! That is the idea. Oh my! Not meant to penetrate protective coverings -like naughty girls' knickers or skirts.

    Mom always pulled down our panties (to knees only, never off) for a good, hard, bare-whoopy-botty with the cane, the rattan "rod of correction in front of God". That was normal in loving, traditional, Christian families like ours, both in the 1960s, and even today, thank the Lord!!

    Quote: "Yes, agreed, she will be punished exactly as my daughter."

    She suggested the mamak cane, but Lila's father offered to spank us."

    Yes, my mom was more strict than my dad (she purchased the cane in the early 1960s in our early years!!). Most moms were far more strict, B! I was surrounded by strict Southern moms most of my days!

    Years later, at work in corporate Atlanta (a global business with overseas employees attracted to blossoming Atlanta) I discovered that Singapore, Malaysian & Japanese girls gotten raised with those canes, also Nigerian girls, B - so I felt a real strong affinity with them. Oh my! And in contrast, my Atlanta besties on average gotten the strap or wooden hairbrush. My mother did of course convert some of the moms at church to choose the cane for their naughty, young daughters. Oh my! Exciting & funny to write this now, but it was just normal life back in the 1960s & 70s.
    Wonderful Buxiban episode & lovely, strict authentic writing.
    Hugs n thanks, B
    Brenda xx