Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ballerina post script-um

 When I did my Ballerina story I didn't have that gif, but its never too late to do things right. 

Thanks to our friend Grumpy old fart.

You are invited to play with us !

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  1. Thank you for the mention, it's always a joy to see Rosaleen Young

    1. She was the first super star of spanking...
      Now theres quite a few, Samantha, Nikki, Amelia, Abigail and I am for sure missing quite a few...

    2. You're so right, B :-)
      I felt a real affinity with these British girls (over decades!) & of course, with my own home-grown American counterparts; like the original, Debbie, from Nu west (& her real mom, Margo.).

      Oh my! These stars had gotten a similar, strict upbringing to me & were engaging in authentic, pioneering scenes. And not forgetting, of course, the even earlier "girls with no name" appearing in Janus, Roue & Blushes in the early 1980s & even the late 1970s! Oh my! Nostalgia stings our tender botties so bad! Ha-ha! Boo-Hoo!
      Hugs n smackies.
      Brenda xx

  2. Par for the course for naughty lil' Rosaleen, B.

    So love that second photo: "Now! stand there at once, young lady!"
    Hands on head, tartan hoisted, white cotton panties due South, botty Oh so very bare & skelped. Why yes, for sure, on average, naughty girls gotten their bottoms smacked in the living room, B (I ruefully recall. Boo-Hoo!!)
    Thanks a bunch, B.
    Brenda xx

  3. An opportunity to read my Ballerina story...
    B winks