Thursday, September 23, 2021

La fessée

 C'est la fessée cul nu pour les vilaines filles !

You are invited to play with us !

We have a new website !

You will find an Application Form in the "pages" of this blog
 Complete that form and send it to

(Adults only)

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  1. "C'est la fessée cul nu pour les vilaines filles !"

    Sure thing!!!

    Oh my! Oh my! Well, dear B, my mom never actually said that to me.( French!)
    I sure wish she had. CUL NU always sounds too cute & scary. Marshmallow-cosy but extremely strict &
    uncomfortable!! A stern sense of expectation for naughty lil' madams. And the inevitable response of a well-smacked bottom for a naughty lil' princess brat.

    Why, for sure, my God-fearing mother exclaimed the same thing to me in English (Atlanta drawl, already)...GULP!...and then smacked my bare botty with her cane. CP was normal for me & my sister!! But the warnings & phonics of "CUL NU" per se, are far from normal.
    Zut Alors!
    I guess Le Martinet is needed for authenticity, B :-)
    Francophile Brenda xx