Saturday, September 18, 2021

OTK 'new drawing"

From our friend of Contemprary Life a drawing new to us...

You are invited to play with us !

We have a new website !

You will find an Application Form in the "pages" of this blog
 Complete that form and send it to

 (Adults only)
Please click the above drawing...




  1. Lovely drawing, thanks, B. New to me too. Suitably Spartan, traditional and no-nonsense. Love the ankle socks and ribbon in her hair. Crushingly cute!
    She will have three rosy red apples, already! Now, where are my crayons ? :-)
    Contemporary Life is a fabulous Blog.
    Hugs n thanks, B.
    Brenda xx

  2. Think I'll do an O&P add poster with it...

  3. Yes, how lovely, B :-)
    Nice one, girl!
    My preference would be for E Beithe from your here Blog. They are just so beautiful and powerfully visceral, both in their imagery and also in their interpretation. They seem to convey a deep, authentic narrative and an intense nostalgia, those EB drawings.
    Hugs n smackies.
    Brenda xx