Sunday, October 10, 2021

Whippingham Fitness Camp part 6

I had done well with my weight loss program. I only had two more pounds to shed. There was salmon with sliced potatoes in a creamy Parmesan sauce, I felt I deserved a break. I reasoned, its Saturday, and we weren't weighted on Sunday. I didn't resist a second helping.

I could have more or less remained on track, maybe earn no more than an embarrassing bare bottom spanking, but in for a penny in for a pound. The dark chocolate mousse was devilishly tempting, and I surrendered. June watched me spooning it with saucer like eyes. On Sunday I was kinda worried about my indulgence, and ran a few extra miles on the treadmill.

Monday morning for the weighing ceremony the verdict was terrible. "April, you have regained two pounds. You are taking off your buruma, and going to cut a couple of switches."

A few girls, who had seen me with envy spooning that rich, dark, scrumptious chocolate mousse, giggled as I was taking off my buruma.

A switching was the ultimate deterrent.

With a blush, I exchanged my gym knickers for a pair of shears. With nothing more than my curls, I stepped out of the mansion to cut a couple of switches, from the well known shrub. I couldn't help feeling my cheeks burning with embarrassment when more girls teased me.

I selected my two switches, and sat on cold paving stones to clean the leaves off. With butterflies fluttering in my tummy, I reflected on the price, I was going to pay for my silly indulgence. I already felt sorry for myself.

In front of the mansion with everyone watching our coach ordered me to grab my knees, and she switched my bum and upper thighs. It was sizzling streaks of fire. "OH! AH! AIE! OUCH!"

It was even more severe than the welcome strapping I got from Miss Principal. It was searing, scorching, incandescent, with zippy sounds instead of resounding whacks. I stammered as I promised. "OH! AH! OUCH! OUCH! I am very sorry Miss. Sniff! I will be back on my diet. Sniff! I promise. Sniff!"

She gave me back my buruma, and there was no time for after spanking treatment from my friends. Next was the morning run on the beach. I ran with my streaked buns and thighs. The usual joggers were there, and they cheered.

I would never again forget my diet, even after having left Whippingham! A few days later, I had lost all of my extra weight, and I was as fit as a marathoner.



With June we retook our dance exams. The Academy's leotard couldn't hide the fading pattern of my switching. June teased. "The jury will never imagine that you were given a switching, for having stuffed your face with chocolate mousse!"

My answer to her teasing was non verbal. "Grgrgrgrgr!"

Modern dancing allows more freedom than ballet, and I had fun with the wheels and steps learned at Whippingham. I flew!

I got a 9.1 average from the judges. June got 9.2. We were congratulated by the jury for the best scores for a second chance, and offered a tall glass of champagne. We didn't have a second one!

The lady co-president the jury cheekily teased. "I have a feeling that you have been at Whippy." We both blushed crimson, but we proudly answered. "Yes Ma'am!" She smiled, and whispered. "It will be our secret!"

Later we emailed our Whippingham coaches and Miss Principal. "9.2 and 9.1, we are back on track! Thank you!"

April and June

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  1. Lovely EB drawing here, B. Sad, but curious puppy dog eyes & cute bunches. Poor lil' mite is gonna get a red-sore botty! DRAT! Boo-Hoo!

    Great phots & story, B. An alfresco, bare botty switching & corner time is par for the course for y'all Southern girls & Whippingham lassies ha-ha!

    Quote: "It was searing, scorching, incandescent, with zippy sounds instead of resounding whacks. "

    YUP!! Beaten-Boo-Hoo-Botties y'all!

    Quote: "You are taking off your buruma, and going to cut a couple of switches."
    Sure thing, B! "OH! AH! AIE! OUCH!"
    Hugs n thanks. Love the tasty foodfest in addition to spankfest :-)
    Brenda xx

  2. And there is a Whippingham village in the UK !
    B xx

  3. Of course there is, B :-)
    No wokerati platforms in yore. Those good Ol' folks were no fools :-)
    Brenda xx

  4. The Isle is Wight, but the bots are not! (They're red.)
    Sounds like a Benny Hill scenario, B (he was a big hit in the US). Or even better, a delicious derivative of the Order of the Burning Bot, the OBB :-)
    I soooo loved the OBB. Don't get me started ha-ha!
    Brenda xx