Thursday, November 11, 2021

From Janus 23 - Pippa visits the Principal


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(Adults only)


  1. Burning Injustice - "9 to 5" :-)

    Oh my! Thirty nine years' ago, B!
    A vintage voters' favourite here, & one of my absolute faves, already. Lil' Miss Naughty Pippa Marshall's poor botty!!
    So, we shall celebrate its 40th anniversary next Fall!

    I vividly recall seeing this in store in the Fall of 1982, B. It was mesmerising. Moreover, Janus 23 was an exceptional copy, with those naughty protagonists, Nicola & Priscilla, also featuring.

    Oh my! Fall, 1982: I was early into my career in Corporate Atlanta, & the Jane Fonda aerobics/pop mobility craze was ablaze. Gyms gotten full of snuggy leggings & leg warmers (I was addicted!) ...and spanking contexts gotten changed for ever! Lycra defined it.

    Miss Pippa Marshall was so cute here, with her sharp, trendy Sheena Easton haircut ("9 to 5" ha-ha) all so very 80s (Pippa's pouty botty reveal too), and the quality of the photos reached a new height. Good times, B! A million anecdotes have endured on Janus 23!

    Oh my! Tender-bottomed Pippa meets nasty, stern Mr Arthur Jardine, who has a Ol' fashioned, no-nonsense approach to chastisement (as his daughter & wife, Elizabeth Davenport later stated in Janus)...AKA, cane to the bare botty! Yup! My mother punished me exactly the same way with the cane in the 1960s. It was normal.

    That superlative fourth photo of Pippa's whooping & gasping, in nostalgic black n white, could definitely adorn my memoirs, B!
    Oh my! Sore botty for Pippa. Sore botties for y'all naughty girls back then!
    Thanks & spanks.
    Nostalgic Brenda xx

  2. Nicola & Priscilla will be on next Thursday pic day ;)
    With your references to Mr Jardine you are obviously a Jenus expert !
    B xx

  3. Well, my expertise is inspired by your Blog, B. And by you!
    Why, yes, I am God-blessed with a good, strong memory, thank the Lord; which has helped me lot, not least in spanking facts & experiences. It's also a function of my age, I'll be 63 in the new year! And so I was fortunate to discover Janus at the very beginning in the 1970s. Ditto for Roue & then Blushes in the early 1980s.

    Janus in the 1970s, for me in my late teens (as a student) was a compelling, factual, authentic, reporting medium: sound spankings for me were a reality of a Southern upbringing (same for my besties & y'all girls!!)

    My darn good, God-blessed memory recalls my strict childhood & teens (especially now in later life). And I still refer back to my cute princess diaries of the 60s/70s. They are priceless, B.

    I was always a writer, not an artist, by any fashion! Oh my! I used to draw those pinmen, stick men ? B ha-ha! Showing sister & me being punished by mom: baseball caps, those triangle skirts ha-ha, ruffled 1950s panties around our knees. It was all basic with my pens n pencils. My narrative was far better, thankfully!!!

    I drew quick, perfect circles on bent over pinmen to show our bare botties: alabaster-white on paper & an even paler, alabaster-white in reality!!...and then the red shading with wax crayons or lush coloured pencils (as a newly acquired treat) to show the morass of cane smacks. Boo-Hoo!
    Sorry, Oh my! I am ranting already.

    Your mighty Blog rejuvenates Janus, Roue & Blushes of course. Not forgetting y'all American Nu West with naughty lil' girl, iconoclast, Debbie & her redoubtable mom. Oh my! :-)
    Hugs, B, thanks.
    Brenda xx