Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas !

Christmas mischief...
Santa spanks !

 Drawings from Phil at Over the barrel spankingtoons

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  1. Happy Christmas B!

    Happy Christmas y'all!

    Wonderful Christmas cards. Oh my! I so love that phrase on card 2: "the naughty girls get what they deserve instead of what they want!"
    What wise words from three Kings to mark the joyous day. And a strict, necessary message & warning for 2022! Thanks be to Phil.

    I soooo adore the first card. Very Festive, B.

    In the Bleak Midwinter ...And it came upon, while shepherds watched, that Advent ended that silent night, upon a tender, exposed, bare bottom for a naughty lil' girl... soundly smacked with the rod in front of God! Just like the best lessons gotten learned. And so a bright star arose with her new attitude & good behaviour. Spanking was the word. And the word was spanking.

    Happy roastin' of chestnuts, turkeys & bottoms on an open fire B ;-)
    Brenda xx

  2. Isn't she doing a lovely dance with both hands frantically rubbing her well toasted buns !
    Merry Christmas dear Brenda and all !
    B smiles