Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thursday pic story part 1/2

This naughty French secretary is late for work...

                                      You are again late !

Bring me the martinet !

Let me have the martinet

Raise your skirt and elbows on the table

I am going to teach you a lesson !

To be continued....

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  1. Le Martinet Cul Nu

    Well, it was not quite the shock, B.
    That's because her mother had thrashed her bare bottom with Le Martinet (as was traditional & necessary en France at home!!) when she was a naughty lil' princess brat growing up ha-ha!
    She's a gorgeous girl.

    Oh my! I'm apprehensive about your forthcoming 1965 story, B ha-ha! I might be transported back to my ordeals with the cane & my scarlet-stingy-botty-hoppy dances in the living room "in front of God" of that precise year!!
    Hugs n thanks.
    Brenda xx

  2. Tomoz is part 2/2 for this naughty secretary to be given le martinet cul nu...
    Saturday will be as usual a drawing story...
    And Sunday part 1 of 1965 !
    Hugs n spanks
    B xx

  3. I'm currently reading Leah's First Term: an age regression novel by Pet Jeffery and there is a piece about a tawse being used on a bare bottom, perhaps a martinet might have been a better option