Thursday, January 20, 2022

Back late from the disco, take off your knickers!


You are invited to role-play with us

  We have a new website !

(Adults only)

Please click the above pic...


  1. The dancing will continue B. Across the floor, and up the stairs!
    Ouchieeees! Cue the stingy-botty-switchy-hippy-hoppy dance :-)

    I do so love the term: the BWD, The Brat War Dance, by the great Belinda Kruger of A German Brat.

    Dancing Queen on the tambourine...

    Yup! We've all been there, B. Boo-Hoo!
    (I'm sorreeee papi!)

    My lil' pink book of disco excuses...and a litany of red bottoms to match. GULP! Those blessed, darn chaperones, B!!!

    You sure do find them, B! Lovely, vintage montage again. And I'm not familiar with this one, which is nice!!!
    Janus I guess ?
    Hugs n spankies.
    Brenda xx

  2. It is Janus !
    No idea where from for the one later today.
    Hugs and spanks !
    B xx